Three Reasons Why Posh Chalk Pigments Are Perfect For Your Next Project

A selection of Posh Chalk Pigmentsphotographed from top down demonstrating the bohemian colour range

I love using Posh Chalk Pigments, ok granted, I may be a little biased but I really think they’re perfect for pretty much any creative project you’ve got on the go. They’re easy to use, versatile and the colour are seriously vivd. Here’s three reasons why I think you need some Posh Chalk Pigments in your life.

A Colour Like No Other

Not all pigments are created equal, this is certainly the case with Posh Chalk Pigments, the finish and colour you get is outstanding. Even to this day I still love mixing it up, there’s something mercurial, about it – just like liquid metal. However, when we start working with them, then they really begin to come into a world of their own.

The metallic pigments have such a high metal content that, in effect, you really are painting with liquid metal. The lustre, the radiance is seriously something else, I’ve often completely enhanced the look of a project i’ve been working on with just a little bit of dry brushing – and that’s just the metallic colours!


The Posh Chalk Pigments also come in a range of what I like to call semi-lustrous, almost bohemian colours. These violets, blues, greens and reds are a relatively new addition to the pigments range but are fantastic for them designs where you’re looking for some vivid colours.

I’ve seen some great examples of projects where people have used the pigments (and the pastes, but let’s not muddy the waters too much) to create an aged copper, verdigris look; just like this fantastic piece by Tracy of The Painting Lady.

Wall art created using the Posh Chalk Pastes and Pigments, it looks like aged copped with greens and copper colour prevalent in the foreground.

So, if you’re looking for real, vivid, head turning colours then the Posh Chalk Pigments is really where you want to be looking! Yes, there are plenty of pigments out there but I really do think the finish you get from these little pots are magnificent.


The Pigments are Economical

If there’s one thing that’s universal it’s that we all like to get value for our money, now more so than ever. People often tell me that they are surprised by how long the pigment last. On the face of it, the pots are small at only 80g but the beauty is that a little really does go a long way. I mean a little too – you don’t need to be using heaps of this stuff. The coverage you get is seriously good so don’t be surprised if you’ve made too much and have some left over.

This brings me onto my next point, mixing the pigments. I always say that you should add whatever mixer you’re using second, it just helps you control it a little more you don’t want to put a load of your mixer in and then have to balance it out with loads of pigment to get the consistency you are looking for. Speaking of making too much, once mixed up the pigments will keep for a while, just store them in an airtight container and when you’re ready to use them again, give them a quick mix a hey presto you can bling your projects up!

I can’t stress this enough, though, when using them don’t be heavy handed with the pigments, just make a little bit up at a time and remember…a little goes a long way!


They work for you

Because you’re mixing up the pigments yourself, you have a unique opportunity in easily making the pigments adaptable to suit your needs.


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