3rd Generation Bendable Wood Mouldings from WoodUbend

WoodUbend heat bendable wood mouldings on hessian in front of a blue plant pot with a grey background

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Before we delve into the exciting, new and improved third generation of WoodUbend, it’s worthwhile taking a really quick look at just what these heat bendable wood mouldings are. If you’ve seen any of my lives, or come across WoodUbend on your travels, you’ve probably got half an idea about WoodUbend, but let’s assume you don’t. WoodUbend are heat bendable wooden mouldings, they have all the properties of wood, they can be sanded, stained, drilled you name it – whatever you can do with wood, you can do with WoodUbend.

Things get interesting with the introduction of a little heat.

As the title of this blog post suggests, WoodUbend is – well – bendable wood. That is to say, heat them up with a heat gun, a hair dryer, or even on a griddle and these innovative appliques become pliable and can be adhered to just about any surface with a little wood glue. We’ve got a great blog post all about WoodUbend if you’d like to learn a little more about the mouldings.

So that’s WoodUbend at a glance. Why should you be excited about the 3rd generation appliques and trims then? Well, strap in, it’s going to be a bendy ride.

Bendable wood, not breakable wood

Let me just preface this by saying that, just like wood, in their cool state WoodUbend are hard and can break. So don’t go throwing them about because you read a blog post on the internet!

There’s been a lot of consideration which has gone into the design of the third generation of WoodUbend mouldings. It really is a fusion of style and substance. As many of the bendable wood mouldings designs are very intricate, we found a number of stress points on them – places where the mouldings were likely to break. The new designs have looked to eliminate these stress points, we have tweaked and altered the current designs to strengthen them whilst still keeping up their on-trend styling.

Not that broken mouldings are a major issue however, check out how to fix broken WoodUbend.

So, in the battle of style over substance, who says you can’t have both? We certainly think you can!

A bare bendable wood moulding in the shape of a star. It's sat on some hessian against a red brick background with green ferns on the left hand side.

WoodUbend’s new packaging!

So, the battle of style and substance didn’t just stop at reinforcing the stress points of the more intricately detailed bendable wood mouldings. The packaging has been vastly improved too! With the products being innovative and easy to use, we couldn’t allow the packaging to just be packaging, it had to be a little more.

What can you expect from the new third generation packaging? Well, most of the designs, including the as yet unreleased trims, now come in packs of two, the smaller designs are packaged in fives and the larger ones come by themselves. Packaging them in this way means that alongside reinforced stress points, the mouldings are further protected from damage. Especially the smaller, more delicate designs. Great news! Even less breakages!

In an effort to be more eco-friendly, the packaging inserts are made of reusable wood – the non-bendable variety – whereas the only bit of plastic can be found on the outside, even that is recyclable!

Let’s discuss the wooden insert a little shall we. As we’ve discussed, when the mouldings are heated they become bendable and can even be sliced or stretched. The wooden inserts within the packaging form the perfect surface to work your WoodUbend mouldings on. The last thing you want after a big, grand upcycled furniture project is to cut a slice in the top as you’re  playing about with the mouldings.

There we have it, protective packaging in more ways than one!

A series of 1586 WoodUbend bendable wood mouldings in their packaging and placed against a brown table.

A crisper, cleaner design

Ensuring that breakages are cut down to an absolute minimum was not the only thinking behind the new bendable wood mouldings. We are all creative people, so a big aspect we took into consideration was the design itself.

We’ve really started from the bottom up on this one. We popped on our lab coats, fired up the bunsen burners and began to play around with the formula. Without going into too much detail, we’ve really refined the product formula. Don’t worry, there’s no nasty stuff in there!

As well as revising the formula, we’ve changed how we compress the designs. The compression forces are much higher and the compression time is reduced. The ins and outs get a little convoluted but, the new formula allows us to compress with greater amounts of pressure.

Finally, we’ve looked at the actual moulds themselves, upgrading many of them.

What does all of this mean then? Well, the detailing on the designs are much crisper than before, much cleaner than before, much better than before. In addition to this, the backs of the mouldings are much flatter, due to this they’re much easier and quicker to adhere to all your craft projects and upcycled furniture.

To make sure that all the WoodUbend designs are of the best quality, we have gone back and upgraded all our current designs, this means you can expect consistency when you’re using WoodUbend products. The really exciting part is that we’re gearing up to release brand new third generation designs!

New mouldings and better designs which are easier to use. What’s not to like?

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