Increasing your business with Facebook Part 2

Part 2 of the Facebook chat was underway, this short and sweet video was straight to the point and perfectly highlighted the subject of the video: keeping posts short and precise. You can watch the replay here.


“The key to a successful post is keeping it short, succinct, and to the point” – Linda Carter

Ever start reading a post and give up after you have to click through to ‘see more’?

That’s what we want to avoid. Let’s eliminate the ‘see more’ button. To do this, you need to keep your post under 100 characters.

Our audiences have a short attention span and being in the amazing, creative industry that we are in, our audience are also very visual.

This means that every single post, regardless of what the text is, you need to have an image or a video. You need some kind of visual there to catch their eye.

Posts between 100-118 characters that ask questions also drive engagement. A question makes them think and encourages them to respond. All responses need to be responded to keeping them in the engagement. Remember…they love attention.

Engagement is something we want to encourage, a customer can like your post and nothing will happen.

Not only does a comment on your post make it appear on a person’s timeline increasing your reach to their friends, but it also allows you to respond to them and encourage engagement.

This engagement makes them feel important that a company is talking directly to them. This inclusion within the micro community makes them feel special and gives them the attention they need.

To end this chat, Linda has challenged everybody to create a Facebook post that is short, to the point and asks a question. Look back at this post in a couple of days and see how well it is doing, and don’t forget to respond to all the comments!