Increasing your business with Facebook Part 3

This week’s chat was all about how to get to know your target audience and the importance of posting frequently and at the right time – two things that are key to creating loyal customers.


Knowing your target audience

If you’re not already using Facebook’s business page, we really recommend it as it really helps your business. You can find out useful information like how many people have viewed your post and other details such as their age, gender and location.

This means you can start getting an idea about who your customer is – which is very important as knowing your customer well means more sales.

Note that your audience might differ depending on the different products you stock, so you might have a different audience for each of your products.


When and how often to post

Facebook recommends posting twice a day, once in the early afternoon and once in the early evening. Whilst posting in the morning is tempting, we advise you don’t – people will miss it as they’ll be travelling to work and won’t have time to engage.

Consistency over your social media channels is also very important. This includes posting content on the same day, at the same time. You can experiment with the right time to post at the start, but make sure to stick to one as soon as you can. This means that it will be clear to your customers when new content will be uploaded.

A good way to remember to post your content at the right time is to set yourself reminders or to schedule your posts.

Another point to note is to always use photos – a post without a photo will get lost in your customers’ feeds. Also, make sure the images you post are good quality to make sure it catches peoples’ attention. To access photos of WoodUbend products, visit … You can now search for the particular mouldings used in the photos.

For any live videos you post, keep them short and use one or two products maximum, otherwise people will get confused.

So, to recap, the main points of the chat today were to:

  • Post twice a day
  • Make sure you are posting good quality content
  • Target your content to your customers
  • Be consistent with your posts

Also, don’t forget to post in our WoodUbend & Posh Chalk Artisan Creations Group, we’d love to see what you’ve been up to! Make sure to include a link to your business Facebook page in the post.