About WoodUbend & Posh Chalk

The humble beginnings of WoodUbend & Posh Chalk

WoodUbend Ltd is a small, energetic and vibrant company situated in the North of England, with manufacturing plants in central Europe. Our sister company, Posh Chalk Interiors of Leeds, is run by Solly Jo Lewis, who has a wealth of experience in crafts and up-cycling, and is well-known to many of our customers, and world-wide through her entertaining live programs on Facebook.

Explore the Evolution of WoodUbend: Where Creativity Knows No Bounds! 

Step into our vibrant world, where innovation meets craftsmanship, and creativity flourishes at every turn. Since our inception in 2018, under the visionary leadership of SollyJo Lewis, we’ve been on a relentless journey to redefine the art of crafting, starting with the revolutionary WoodUbend.

Back in 2018, we commenced our manufacturing journey, driven by SollyJo’s passion for excellence and her commitment to innovation. Recognizing the immense potential of WoodUbend, SollyJo set out to revolutionize the crafting and furniture up-cycling industry by bringing this innovative product to market. By 2019, we proudly launched our inaugural line of WoodUbend mouldings products, marking the dawn of a new era in crafting and furniture up-cycling.

Fast forward to today, and we’re thrilled to offer over 500 meticulously crafted designs, each a testament to SollyJo’s dedication to quality and creativity. But our journey didn’t stop there – it was only the beginning.

Led by the visionary SollyJo, we embarked on a quest to elevate WoodUbend mouldings to new heights. Armed with a relentless pursuit of perfection, SollyJo revolutionized the formula, transforming it from its humble origins into a state-of-the-art product. In 2021, the advanced 3rd generation WoodUbend was born, boasting greater compression rates and an improved formula that set a new standard for excellence.

But the evolution didn’t end there. In 2020, SollyJo introduced the first line of Posh Chalk products, complementing our WoodUbend offerings with a range of premium crafting essentials. With each passing year, we continue to innovate and expand our product line, pushing the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship.

Today, WoodUbend stands as a symbol of innovation and excellence, beloved by crafters, interior designers, and artisans worldwide. With its denser composition and enhanced packaging, it’s never been easier to unleash your creativity and bring your artistic visions to life.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we continue to push the boundaries of crafting, one masterpiece at a time. With WoodUbend and Posh Chalk by your side, the possibilities are endless, and your creativity knows no bounds.

Some of the moulds used to create these mouldings are themselves made using the latest 3D printing technology. Backed by expert personnel both here and at the manufacturing plants, and an ever-growing number of distributors and stockists, we can offer a first class and personal service to all of our customers.

WoodUbend operates out of the same building as Posh Chalk, and you can come visit us any time. Come inspect the workshops and discuss your projects with us….we are always here to help, and provide advice on mouldings, paints, stains, stencils, and anything else you like working with.

WoodUbend Team

Josephine (SollyJo) Nicholson

Founder, Managing Director, Art Creator, Video Creator, Marketing & Social Media Director

Bruce Nicholson

Financial Director

Theo Smyrnaios

Marketing Assistant, Videographer, Video Creator

Alexandra Bena

Warehouse Manager

Laura Rigby

Secretary, Personal Assistant, Videographer, Social Media Assistant

Anna Hewitt Bailey

Sales Manager

Vicks Crawford

Workshop Assistant

Spyros Ntanos

Web developer