Achieve A Mirror-like Finish with Athenian Plaster in 5 Easy Steps!

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Athenian Plaster:  Easily Create Unique Patterns With A Stunning Mirror-like Finish

This week we wanted to shine a spotlight on our brand new Posh Chalk Athenian Plaster that we launched earlier this year as a part of our Creative Textures Range. We love this technique we used, as well as this product, and we also realised it would be the absolutely perfect final piece to complete the Secretary Desk Project from last week’s blog post. So, read on for a full breakdown of the steps needed in order to achieve a beautiful and glossy finish for one of your own projects!

Step 1: Base Paint & Mixing

To get started, first apply a base coat of paint to the area you would like to use this technique on. For our project, we used Pepper Blue by Magic Paint to match what we had done on the rest of the piece. Next, we decanted some of our Posh Chalk Athenian Plaster into two different plastic tubs. We then decided to use the Posh Chalk Royal Indigo & Rich Ochre Colour Kicks to colour our Athenian Plaster. You can use the Athenian Plaster without any colouration and simply allow it to dry with its naturally neutral colour but, for this project, we wanted to create a pattern with contrasting yet complimentary colours.

A few drops of the two different colours of Posh Chalk Colour Kicks were added to each pot of Athenian Plaster, however after some thorough stirring it didn’t create the shades we wanted. So, we added a couple drops of the Posh Chalk Mocha Delight Colour Kick to the Royal Indigo mixture to make it a little bit darker, and a couple drops of the Posh Chalk Garnet Flare Colour Kick were added to the Rich Ochre mixture to make it a bit more orange. Once we were happy with the shades we had created and the mixtures were thoroughly stirred to guarantee a consistent colour throughout, we were able to start applying our mixtures.

Step 2: Athenian Plaster Application

To achieve our desired effect we started dabbing the coloured Athenian Plaster mixtures using a sea sponge. The Royal Indigo & Mocha Delight coloured mixture was applied first then the Rich Ochre & Garnet Flare mixture was layered on top of and in between the patches of the darker mixture. We continued layering both the coloured mixtures onto the surface until we were satisfied, the same sponge being used throughout to allow the colours to blend slightly as we went.

Applying the mixtures by dabbing them on with a sea sponge will create wonderfully unique patterns in the finish and forms a raised texture during the application, allowing us to flatten and blend the plaster mixtures on the surface itself. We also incorporated the application into the design of our Posh Chalk Posh Tea Time Decoupage as the colours matched our Rich Ochre & Garnet Flare coloured Athenian Plaster mixture, giving us an easy way to tie the full piece together coherently.

Step 3: Trowel Blending

Next we grabbed our Posh Chalk Premium Finishing Trowel and firmly flattened the entire surface in long continuous motions, making sure to keep the trowel at a very slight angle the whole time to ensure the best final result. This not only flattens the raised texture of the coloured Athenian Plaster mixtures but also subtly blends them together in situ. This is done in one consistent direction across the entire surface in order to form a pattern that looks stunning yet is completely unique to your project due to how the Athenian Plaster mixtures were applied.

We also recommend wiping any excess paint or plaster mixture from the trowel’s surface after every trowel stroke with a baby wipe or something similar. This not only helps to prevent creating any imperfections but also makes cleaning the utensil off when you are done significantly easier.

Step 4: Burnishing

Once we were happy with how our pattern had formed, we started sanding down the entire surface to help create that glossy mirror-like shine that we wanted. We did this using a sanding machine and gradually moving up in grit as we went. First using a 600 grit pad, then a 800 grit pad and then finally a 1000 grit pad.

Moving up in grits when sanding is important as any small imperfection caused by the lower grit sanding pads will end up being buffed out by the higher grit. We did this multiple times until the surface was nice and smooth to the touch. We also used the exact same sanding process on the front panel of our piece where we had also applied some of our Rich Ochre & Garnet Flare coloured Athenian Plaster mixture to ensure a lovely, consistent looking finish.

Step 5: Waxing

Now that we were satisfied with the smooth texture of the surface, we applied a coat of our Posh Chalk Patina Extending Wax to the entire piece using a Posh Chalk Wax Extender Brush. This not only helps contribute to the glossy mirror-like finish we wanted to achieve on this piece, it also acts as a sealant providing a layer of protection to the lovely blended paint work and details we had covered this piece in.

Then, finally, we hand polished the top panel where we had applied the majority of our coloured Athenian Plaster mixtures. This was, again, done to contribute to the glossy finish we were creating and also allowed us to wipe off any excess wax that had stuck to the surface earlier.

Athenian Plaster: Conclusion

In conclusion, creating unique patterns with a stunning glossy finish using Posh Chalk Athenian Plaster is a fun and rewarding process that can add a professional touch to any project. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can achieve a beautiful and eye-catching finish that showcases your creativity and craftsmanship. From mixing and applying the plaster to sanding and waxing, each step is crucial in creating a smooth and glossy surface. With Posh Chalk Athenian Plaster, the possibilities are endless, and we hope this tutorial has inspired you to get creative and try out this technique for yourself.

If you’d like to see this technique in action a video breakdown will go live on our YouTube channel Thursday 20th of June at 7P.M BST!

I hope that my story of creative transformation inspires you to embark on your own crafting endeavours, discovering the joy and satisfaction that comes from bringing your visions to life.

With love and laughter,

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Products Used:
Posh Chalk Athenian Plaster
Posh Chalk Royal Indigo Colour Kick
Posh Chalk Mocha Delight Colour Kick
Posh Chalk Rich Ochre Colour Kick
Posh Chalk Garnet Flare Colour Kick
Posh Chalk Patina Extending Wax
Posh Chalk Wax Extender Brush
Posh Chalk Premium Finishing Trowel Petite
Pepper Blue by Magic Paint

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