We’ve all been there before, gone into a store and the employee or even store owner has an attitude that stinks! Rarely will we spend any money in that shop, and if we do so it will be begrudgingly. Often we won’t return. Flip that on its head, how often have you gone back to a business because you felt an affinity with the owner, because you like them, because they had the right attitude? So, having the right attitude at work is essential for a business to thrive, especially a customer facing one. More often than not, you have control over your attitude and it is up to you to leave the bad ones at the door.

Remember, bad attitudes infect and affect. Neither of these things are good for business. It’s not just the way you talk to people either. Our attitudes, good or bad,  are reflected in ourselves, in the way we, look, dress, our body language – absolutely everything!

Interestingly, studies show that people who are concerned about their weight and constantly reinforce the fact that they are overweight, then struggle to lose weight. The old phrase mind over matter is definitely grounded in fact.

The world is a tumultuous place at the moment so there’s no better time than now to try brighten somebody’s day. Just try it, just for one day, alter your attitude and see how people respond. You’ll be surprised!