Blanket box upcycle with WoodUbend furniture mouldings

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Blanket Box Upcycled with WoodUbend Mouldings


Today I am going to be using one of our larger WoodUbend mouldings on a blanket box makeover. This swag of flowers is 37 cm wide and will be the crowning glory and focal point of the makeover. I’ll show you a few other tips in this blog, including how to shave WoodUbend mouldings to fit your projects. Let’s get to it.

WoodUbend Blanket Box Upcycle



The goal of WoodUbend is to look like the “carving” belongs to the existing surface. I don’t want it to look stuck on there.

WoodUbend mouldings can bond with any surface: metal, glass, wood, etc. all you need is wood glue and a heat source.

Here are the smaller roses (#2460) I added to the bottom drawers of the blanket box.

How to Adhere WoodUbend Mouldings

  1. Slightly warm WoodUbend; in this video, I used a griddle to warm it up and get the moulding flexible
  2. Paint the backside of the moulding with a good quality wood glue, this is distinguished by its thick and creamy appearance.
  3. Place the moulding on the project, push down and use firm pressure
  4. Wipe away excess glue (I like using baby wipes)
  5.  Use heat gun to bond the WoodUbend to the surface


Watch the 4-minute video tutorial here:


The beauty of using our heat bendable mouldings is there is no project downtime. As soon as your glue is dried, you can immediately paint WoodUbend and continue on with your projects



Blanket Box Raised Stencil

I created a raised stencil using Dixie Belle Amethyst and Sea Spray … and my brand new Posh Chalk Trellis Stencil.


If you’d like to go in-depth of this raised stencil process,  I have a full FB live demonstrating that process here over on my Posh Chalk Interiors FB Page.

Posh Chalk Trellis

Click here to watch. 


Blanket Box Edges

For the front edges, I was able to add our WoodUbend trim TR124. It has pretty floral-esque scrolls that go well with the rose mouldings on the front but the trim was just a little bit too wide at the top and bottom of the piece where the edges narrowed and tapered.

Let me show you how I made it work.


So first I applied the moulding to the edges, and as it was cooling, I trimmed it with a Stanley knife

This quick video shows how easy it is to make WoodUbend mouldings fit the shape of any project.


Now the shaved WoodUbend trim looks completely native to the piece. You’d never know it was added.

Blanket Box Paint Finish

I had fun painting this piece and demonstrated my paint finish live on Dixie Belle’s Facebook page. You can watch the recorded sessions here in two parts:

Click here to watch Episode 1 & Click here to watch Episode 2.




I hope you enjoyed the blanket box makeover. Stay tuned for next week’s DIY project using WoodUbend and Posh Chalk Products.

As always share your projects with me. I love seeing how your creative mind works! Please tag WoodUbend on Instagram or on Facebook @WoodUbend


Happy WoodUbend and Posh Chalking




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