Summer Celebration with WoodUbend

Best painted furniture. Summer celebration.

Summer Celebration with WoodUbend   Hello my bendy family   Summer is finally here!   We all look forward to this season: days spent splashing in the pool, the distinct smell of sun cream, frozen treats overdoses, and more opportunities to spend time outdoors with the family. I love summer baby. In all honesty, the […]

How to safely remove WoodUbend mouldings

How to safely remove WoodUbend mouldings.

How to safely remove WoodUbend mouldings   Hello there folks!   By now you all know how much I enjoy the creative process. I spend a large amount of my day in my studio with my hands covered in paint and glue and adding WoodUbend mouldings to any surface I find in front of me. […]

How to repair broken WoodUbend mouldings

How to repair broken WoodUbend mouldings   Hello guys!   I want you to imagine something…   You’ve just finished a masterpiece. It’s breathtaking, amazing, light shines down from the sky and music plays in the background whenever you admire it. It must be shared with the world! You set up your camera but before […]

Mannequin art with WoodUbend mouldings

Mannequin art

Mannequin Art with WoodUbend Mouldings   Hello folks!   I have a strange question for you. Are you into mannequins?    Yes, mannequins. As in the lifeless dummies stores use for clothing displays.     Because I am! I am absolutely obsessed with mannequin art.    I know what you might be thinking, but “no.”  My […]

How to Create a French Chateau Wall Panel using WoodUbend mouldings

French Chateau wall panel created with WoodUbend mouldings.

How to Create a French Chateau Wall Panel using WoodUbend Mouldings + Posh Chalk Products   Hello, How is everybody today?  I have been terribly busy here at WoodUbend HQ signing new stockists and distributors, setting up a new (and better) studio and prepping for our upcoming TV gig on HOCHANDA. I’ve also had lots […]

Steampunk Vanity with WoodUbend Mouldings

Steampunk vanity. Woodubend mouldings.

Steampunk Vanity.   Hello bendy friends:   Since starting WoodUbend almost two years ago I have had the great opportunity to meet so many artists that now I call friends. Their styles are all unique and fun, always pushing their own limits every single day. I truly enjoy their creativity and witnessing the innovative ways […]

The WoodUbend Tool Companion Guide

WoodUbend Candle Holder

WoodUbend tool companion guide   Hi guys:   I am a firm believer that life is more fun with a companion. Someone who complements you, inspires you, or even challenges you to try new approaches and to find inventive solutions. I enjoy working on projects with Theo and connecting with WoodUbend ambassadors, stockists, and bendy […]

How to upcycle a mirror with WoodUbend Mouldings

How to upcycle a mirror with WoodUbend   During these days in lockdown we all have found ourselves looking to start new projects to keep our sanity. If you are a little like me and dedicate a lot of time to your work, you know we tend to neglect our homes. So, these long days […]

WoodUbend Lockdown sanity crafting guide 

A WoodUbend Plant pot

WoodUbend Lockdown sanity crafting guide For many of us, lockdown has only recently begun and cabin fever has not quite set in… YET! If you are working from home, the best advice you will get is: Get changed. Dress as though you are going to work. This helps you to get into the working mindset, […]

Wall Techniques Workshop Blog

Wall Techniques workshop

Wall Techniques Workshop Blog This week SollyJo hosted Wall Techniques Workshop to a small class of two. A pretty intimate gig that allowed the students, a mother, daughter duo, a special one-to-one session with the artist herself.  Two very contrasting tastes as the younger of the duo, Stacey, had an eye for bright colors and […]