Brilliant Decorative Mouldings and Purple Pumpkins

Pumpkin with Posh Chalk Violet Paste and Decorative Mouldings in an Autumn Setting

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We’re coming up to the point of year where we can all start thinking about some over-the-top mouldings. Who wants subtlety right? Well, what a great time to get crafty with some decorative mouldings…on a pumpkin!

It’s so simple but the final effect is astonishing.

So, with the pumpkin washed I used Dixie Belle’s Boss to stop any bleeding – it turns out pumpkins can be bleedy. Sticking with Dixie Belle, I used their rich Amethyst as a base coat as it goes well with the Posh Chalk Violet Metallic Paste.

We demonstrated how to fix a broken moulding on our YouTube channel a few weeks ago. A great way to make use of any broken mouldings is simply to repurpose them, just like the decorative mouldings which is the focal point of this pumpkin design. Having heated them on the griddle for about fifteen minutes, warming the mouldings up to a warm and bendy 80°C, I placed the recycled 2144 mouldings over the pumpkin until they cooled and kept the contours of the pumpkin. WoodUbend mouldings generally take about as long to cool down as they do to heat up; granted these decorative mouldings had been on the griddle for a fair while, they would normally take a minute or so to warm up with a heat gun.

Purple pumpkin with decorative mouldings being bent around

I love the Posh Chalk luxury coatings so the mouldings were definitely getting painted in the new Orange Gold Pigments, perfect for the Autumn and Christmas period. Always add the Posh Chalk Infusor to your pigments, rather than the other way around – that way it’s easier to keep a handle on how much of your pigments your using; fine tune it even more by using a pipette.

You can always choose the consistency of your pigments in how much Posh Chalk Infusor you choose to add. I wanted a deep, thick colour for the decorative mouldings so using less Infusor and more pigments would give me just that.

Using a pipette to mix the Posh Chalk Pigments

Dry brushing time!

The Posh Chalk Violet Metallic Paste combined perfectly with Dixie Belle’s Amethyst, dry brushing with the paste picked out the natural texture and contour of the purpley pumpkin. The great thing about the metallic paste is that it dries super fast so you can get projects done in record timing. No waiting around here.

The decorative mouldings I used had some real intricacies in the design. The Black Posh Chalk Patina is perfect to add depth. When using the patinas it’s a good idea to use a little extra than you actually need and come back in with a baby wipe to remove the excess. This will really help the patina to get into all the little contours of the design, resulting in a fabulous aged look.

I applied the same technique to the pumpkin now that the metallic paste was dried, it worked really well to accentuate the natural contours of the pumpkin.

violet pumpkin with posh chalk patin being applied

All that was left was to mix up the shimmery, metallic Red Carmine Pigments to coat the stem with. Again, using my pipette so I could accurately control how much of the Infusor I was using, making it much easier to find the consistency I was aiming for.

There we have it, brilliant decorative mouldings for a decorative time of year!

Violet pumpkin staged with decorative mouldings