Business Plan 2021: Planning and Assessing

2020 has been some year. Some business have flourished in the face of the global pandemic, whilst others have struggled. What’s important now is , yes to put this year behind us, but don’t look to forget; use this year as a learning experience. If nothing else, 2020 will have shown you where there are shortcomings in your business model, after all, nobody’s perfect.

So, with that in mind, this month we want to assess our businesses and create a 2021 business plan, together, interactively and step-by-step. Sound good?

Great, so in order for a business plan to be relevant and effective you need to know where you’ve come from and how you’ve got to where you are. Be honest, take a real look at your business, this plan isn’t about massaging your ego, it’s about understanding how to grow as a business.

What have you accomplished this year? Do you know how you’ve accomplished it? What about your strengths and weaknesses, where do they lie? Last, but by no means least take a good look at what worked versus what didn’t – it’s well established that we learn more from our failures than we do from our successes. So, be honest, be thorough, a good assessment sets up the foundations for a good business plan.

We have two great worksheets which will help you to self-assess and begin to build the foundation of a great business plan to take through into 2021:

Quick Business Assessment 

Things to Consider in a Business Plan

All you need to do is take 15/20 minutes to fill these out and put them aside until next week when we’ll be using them to ascertain what your vision is for 2021