A Brief Look at the Posh Chalk Deluxe Decoupage

A selection of seven A3 sized decoupage designs. They are in plastic wrapping with a black Posh Chalk sticker in the top left. The designs are laid on a hardwood floor.

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The brand new Posh Chalk Deluxe Decoupage range has been bubbling away for a few months and it took some work to bring it to the boil! Nonetheless, here we are, with over 70 Posh Chalk Deluxe Decoupage lines to choose from! So sit in, relax as I run through the limited edition designs and I may even drop in a few helpful hints and tips along the way.

We launched the decoupage live on our Facebook page earlier this week so feel free to head on over and watch the live launch here.

So these designs come in six different categories and all come in both A3 and the larger A1 size, let’s take a look at our first category shall we?

Fairytale Decoupage

I’ve started with this one because I think this just might be my favourite category. This fantasy inspired range boasts five colourful, whimsical designs:

Muse of Music (below)

Posh Mermaid

Fisherman’s Frolic

Red Cloak

Posh Fairies

a decoupage design of cherubs playing music to a woman draped in red and white robes

We put quite a lot of thought and effort into choosing these designs, the colours compliment the Posh Chalk products. This means it makes it super easy to blend your decoupage out, making it look like it’s been there forever – you’ll be enhancing your projects in no time! Right, onto the next category…


Ecclesiastic Decoupage

Taking from some thought providing and inspiring religious icons these designs are perfect for adding a touch of the reverent to your projects. Choose from six different secular designs:

Aqua Madonna (below)

Madonna & Child

Madonna & Child  II

The Divine Touch

The Dawn

A decouapge design against an aqua background showing a madonna and child image in the foreground with halos around their heads. At either side two cherubs look on adoringly.



These floral designs can be used as whole pieces or you can selectively cut out individual flowers or parts of the design to add some fab fauna to your crafty projects. Again, there are six designs to chose from in this category:

Irises in White

Irises in Gold

Rustic Roses

Bouquet of Flowers (below)

Floral Palette

Radiant Rose

The very talented crafty queen, Sue Parsons of Sue Chic, shared a very easy method of cutting our parts of your decoupage when she helped create my desk. Simply trace around the section you want with a wet paint brush and the section your using will pull easily away and you will avoid any straight edges. The eye is naturally drawn to straight edges, so it’s imperative that we try to avoid that when blending your decoupage onto a project.



This category is well and truly one for the crafters, there’s a  selection of six colourful patterns to chose from, just aching to jazz up whatever you’re working on:

Hellenic Vibes (below)

Oriental Vibe

Victorian Pattern

Pair of Queens

Posh Script

Spring Time 


Scenic Decoupage

The biggest and, arguably the most striking, category there are currently 8 designs to chose from in a whole variety of colour palettes. Bring the outside into your projects with:

Ships in Vesper

Cottage Cart

Long Walk

Waterlily Bridge

Vivid Scenery

Vintage Rome

Blue Sailing (below)

Dusky Sky

Venetian Palace


And last but not least we come to our final limited Posh Chalk Deluxe Decoupage Category.


Inspired by some famous works and even more famous women in history, these design will add a touch of elegance to your crafting and upcycling endeavours. There are six more to chose from:

Regal Sash

Fountain Girl


The Blue Ponder

Gracious in Pink 

Couple in Navy (below)

Margarita is likely the most famous work, ‘The Girl with the Pearl Earring’, we chose the name Margarita following a naming competition for a set of drawers I created some months ago.


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