DIY Christmas Crafts: Create a Bendable Wood Ornament

A bendable wood christmas tree ornament designed to look like a snowman in a white hat. The Christmas craft item is staged on a white Christmas tree

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Christmas crafts…it’s that time a year again, the festive period. We’re all bombarded with adverts telling us which product will make your Christmas. I think homemade gifts have that extra little bit of sentimentality about them, that extra bit of love. So, this year, why not fill your tree with bendable wood decorations?

The great thing about this week’s Christmas craft – and in fact most of the ones we’ll be featuring – is that it’s quick and simple to make. There’s a great choice of children’s Christmas craft ideas which should go someway to keeping your kids quiet over the holidays.

First up, we grabbed an MDF insert from one of the 3rd generation trims. For those of you who don’t know about the WoodUbend third generation packaging, they all come with hard wooden inserts so keep the bendable wood mouldings nice and protected.

Discover more about the benefits of the 3rd generation WoodUbend designs.

In order to create the body of our moustachioed ornament, we dug into the brand new Posh Chalk Precious range and gave ourselves an early Christmas present. His body was painted in the pearlised White Gold Metallic Paste, we started the bling early on this project. As the paste wasn’t watered down the stippling effect used gave the snowman the beginning of texture.

Painting Posh Chalk Paste on a wooden insert

Whilst the past was still wet, some of the new Diamond Dust was sprinkled over the top. The Diamond Dust is another offering from the Posh Chalk Precious Range, it can be mixed in with paints, pastes, pigments etc to give a rough texture. As this texturising agent is made from Swarovski Crystals, it can be sprinkled on a freshly painted, wet surface to give both texture and a diamond-y shine.

If you are going to sprinkle the Diamond Dust over the top, make sure to seal it with something like the Posh Chalk Infusor.

Time for the bendable wood! What’s the next step in creating a snowman? Exactly! A massive, gold moustache! We used two broken bits of WoodUbend mouldings and painted them in another Precious product, the 24K Gold Metallic Paste. Once dried, the mouldings were heated up and glued on using a good wood glue.

If you’re using a flexible product – all the Posh Chalk products are considered flexible – you can pre-paint your bendable wood mouldings before heating and bending. This is handy when you’re working with an intricate WoodUbend moulding and you don’t want to spend hours painstakingly paintings all the crevices.

For Mr.Snowman’s buttons we cut a small length of the new TR721 flexible trim off. Incidentally, the MDF insert we were using today makes an excellent board to cut and paint your WoodUbend on!

Chopping a bendable wood trim with a stanley knife

When the bendable wood trim was cut down to size, the ends were lightly sanded to give it a neat, rounded finish. No scruffy snowmen in the WoodUbend workshop! His buttons were then painted with a coat of the Black Carbon Posh Chalk Metallic Paste, this time not from the Precious range. Two little dots of Black Carbon also made up his eyes.

When cool, WoodUbend can be sanded and produces real sawdust, find out what other properties the trims share with wood.

It’s Winter, the snowman needed a hat. Luckily we had another bit of spare bendable wood lying around the workshop. This was pre-painted with the Red Medium Cadmium Posh Chalk Paste, again this wasn’t from the Precious line.

A bendable wood moulding being painted red on a piece of MDF board

When this was heated and glued onto the MDF board, we needed to give the snowman some extra festive spirit. Some of the Wedding Gold Posh Chalk Precious Pigments. These were very gently dry brushed over all over the bendable wood appliques we’d adhered to the snowman.

Last, but by no means least, once his hat had cooled down, a hole was drilled in it and ribbon thread through the hole. He’s now up on the tree, waiting for some more festive friends to join him in the near future.

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