Dive Into The World of Creative Textures!

Creative Textures from Posh Chalk by Solly Jo

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Dive Into The World of Creative Textures!

In April we launched our brand new range of products titled Creative Textures. In case you missed the live debut showcasing the uses of these fantastic new products, we wanted to break down the different types of products here.

What are Creative Textures?

‘Creative Textures’ is the name that we have given the range of new products from Posh Chalk. All of our creative textures are designed to work with other Posh Chalk products such as stencils, decoupage…as well as our innovative WoodUbend products.

Our Creative Textures, as the name implies, are all designed to add depth, colour and resonance to any furniture upcycling, crafting or interior design project. They have been designed to enhance each other and to let your design imagination run riot! Specifically, they are all extremely flexible, putting you in complete control of your project. Use as little or as much as you want to adjust the consistency, colour or vibrancy of your project.

By the way – how do you like the brand new branding of our creative textures? All Posh Chalk products are part of the Solly Jo range of creative products that also include WoodUbend, Posh Chalk stencils and decoupage.

Colour Kicks

Posh Chalk Colour Kicks are pigment dye gels which come in a range of ten beautiful colours. Each is available in a small bottle…but they pack a mighty kick! They represent an exciting innovation in the world of crafting, meticulously curated by the talented artist Solly Jo. One of the standout features of Posh Chalk Colour Kicks is their remarkably high pigmentation. Despite requiring only a small amount, these creative textures deliver intense and rich colours, allowing your creations to radiate with vivid hues that captivate the eye.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a novice crafter, the impressive colour payoff of pigment dyes empowers you to achieve professional-quality results with ease. Posh Chalk Colour Kicks are compatible with all Posh Chalk liquid and paste products such as our Extra Flexible Paste, our Crackling Enamel, the Athenian Plaster, Glass Plaster, Posh Chalk Crackling Paste and of course our Infusor. They can be mixed with both water and other solvent-based materials, making them suitable for a wide range of artistic projects.

Paste Lubricant

Posh Chalk Lubricant is an essential tool for artists and crafters looking to extend the drying time of water-soluble materials such as Posh Chalk Pastes, Posh Chalk Patinas & Posh Chalk Aqua Patinas. By adding up to 10% of Posh Chalk Paste Lubricant to your chosen products and thoroughly mixing them, you can effectively slow down the drying process and ensure more time for intricate detailing and blending.  Not only does this lubricant extend the working time of products, it also brings them back to life if for any reason they have thickened up with the passing of time.  Add a few drops of the lubricant to the product that has thickened or hardened and mix well.

Athenian Plaster

Posh Chalk Athenian Plaster stands as the pinnacle in the realm of artisan-quality craft plasters, revered for its exceptional adherence to diverse surfaces. This premium craft plaster is a true creative powerhouse, offering artists and DIY enthusiasts the ability to fashion extraordinary faux concrete or stone effects. However, its versatility extends far beyond, as Athenian Plaster serves as a dynamic layering plaster, granting artisans the unique opportunity to achieve an ultra-high gloss finish reminiscent of a mirror-like shine.

With its remarkable flexibility, this craft plaster also doubles as an exquisite furniture plaster, presenting the choice of subtle accents or complete coverage for a truly transformative effect. When deftly applied, Athenian Plaster creates a rock-hard, deeply textured surface that evokes the smoothness of marble while boasting a glossy, high sheen.

Our Plaster comes uncoloured and is designed to be tinted with Posh Chalk Colour Kicks, putting you in control of the hues and shades you work with. The plaster can also be texturised with Posh Chalk Diamond Dust or Posh Chalk Smart Texturizer. It is great for both internal and external usage and has an in-built UV filter for protection against strong sunlight. This deliberate design choice allows creativity to flourish, ensuring each project is a bespoke masterpiece.

Glass Plaster

Posh Chalk Glass Plaster is an artisan-quality plaster, offering impeccable adhesion across a diverse range of surfaces, culminating in an ultra-high gloss, transparent finish. Distinguished by its heightened viscosity, this premium plaster product stands as a versatile and luxurious addition to the artistic toolkit. One of the standout features of Glass Plaster lies in its enhanced viscosity compared to other plaster variants. This heightened thickness not only imparts a luxurious consistency to the plaster but also grants artists and craftsmen greater control over the application process.

The thicker texture allows for precise layering, enabling creators to achieve specific thicknesses in their artistic endeavours, whether they are crafting intricate designs or applying a more substantial layer for added depth. The versatility of Glass Plaster extends beyond its transparency and enhanced viscosity. Artists can explore a myriad of applications, from enhancing surfaces to creating glass-like effects and adding a glossy layer to various art and craft projects. Its transparent and glossy finish opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing creators to experiment with unique creative textures and effects that evoke a sense of artistic mastery.

Chalk Paste

Posh Chalk ‘Chalk Paste’ is designed to adhere effortlessly to nearly any surface, making it a go-to choice for various projects. Its smooth consistency and rich pigmentation ensure that your ideas come to life with a unique matte finish. This distinctive feature opens the door to creating crisp, raised stencilling and textures, adding depth and character to your projects. But the versatility doesn’t end there – our chalk paste allows you to go beyond the initial application. Once applied, you can easily sand, paint, wax, and glaze the surface, providing you with the flexibility to explore different finishing techniques.

Ease of use is at the forefront of our Chalk Paste’s design. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a DIY enthusiast, our chalk paste offers a hassle-free application process, allowing you to focus on unleashing your creativity. In essence, Posh Chalk Chalk Paste is not just a medium; it’s an artist’s ally, providing a versatile and customisable foundation for turning imaginative ideas into tangible works of art. Let your tools become an extension of your creativity, and with Posh Chalk, transform ordinary surfaces into extraordinary expressions of your artistic vision.

Smart Texturizer

At its core, Posh Chalk ‘Smart Texturizer’ is a versatile medium that empowers artists to infuse their projects with unique three-dimensional effects. By seamlessly blending the Smart Texturizer with metallic pastes, pigments, paints, and enamels, creators can concoct custom 3D effect pastes tailored to their artistic vision. The recommended mixing ratio of 1:1 ensures an optimal consistency, with the thorough blending process being the key to achieving the desired texture. This transformative mixture introduces a tactile dimension to your creations, allowing you to play with depth and dimensionality in ways previously unexplored.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist pushing the boundaries of your craft or a beginner eager to delve into new techniques, Posh Chalk Smart Texturizer becomes an invaluable ally in your artistic toolkit, poised to elevate your projects and set them apart from the ordinary. In essence, Posh Chalk Smart Texturizer is an invitation to break free from the conventional and embrace a world where texture becomes a dynamic element in your artistic repertoire. Let your creations speak volumes with the added depth and tactile allure that only Smart Texturizer can provide.


A premium wood glue designed specifically for adhering WoodUbend mouldings with superior precision and ease. This high-quality hobby and craft glue is known for its thick consistency, which eliminates messy drips and the need for constant wiping during application. Say goodbye to long wait times – WoodUglue dries quickly, reducing clamping time and allowing for efficient bonding on all your WoodUbend & woodworking projects. Count on our glue to deliver strong and durable connections that stand the test of time. Craft with confidence using WoodUbend hobby and craft glue for all your woodworking endeavours.

Aqua Patina

Posh Chalk Aqua Patinas are water-based, artisan-quality gilding waxes. As part of our existing range we have now introduced two highly requested colours: Snow White & Jet Black. Our Aqua Patinas are very spreadable with a much lighter consistency than their oil-based cousins from the Patina range. They are all extremely bright and lustrous, with a gooey texture that is thicker than our range of metallic pastes.

With our Aqua Patinas there is no need for extending wax; they can be applied directly to, for example, WoodUbend mouldings and will give amazing coverage due to their high pigment count. Since they are water-based, you can add more water to help them mix. This will allow for smoother transitions when blending your colours… it also makes a small amount of patina go a long way!


Posh Chalk Pigments are high quality and colourful pigment powders. We have now introduced three brand new colours to the existing range: Bronze Alloy, Smokey Charcoal and Iron Black. Since these pigments are all in powder form, they all need to be mixed with a pigment infusor. Being in powder form means that these pigments are extremely flexible. It is up to you how much you want to use depending on your project. So, if you want a wash, you will only use a small amount of pigment. However if you are going for full coverage then you would want to use more! You can even sprinkle them if you want!

We hope that you have found this guide helpful, and look forward to seeing the creations that you come up with using our Creative Textures!

As with all Solly Jo products, you can see them in use by viewing the videos on our YouTube channel, here: https://www.youtube.com/@woodubendmouldings4330/videos

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