Increasing your business with Facebook Part 1

This week is the first of many to come where we will be focusing on your digital presence and how you can improve this.

For the first episode of this series we looked at Facebook and how you can improve your productivity and reach.

The two subjects were Facebook videos and linking your business page to your personal profile.


In the past few years, Facebook videos grew significantly in popularity. Facebook video posts per person increased by 75% in 2015. More people are viewing and sharing video content on Facebook than ever before.

  • Facebook videos earn 135% more reach than posts with only an image. So how do you start your video production–especially if you’re on a tight budget? Don’t Overcomplicate Facebook Video. Many brands are witnessing higher engagement with video tools like Facebook Live.
  • According to Facebook, videos on Facebook Live are watched three times morethan pre-recorded videos.
  • Your business can take advantage of this by hosting live chats or behind the scenes at your office with Facebook live. Encourage users to participate and engage while Facebook Live videos are airing.
  • Another Facebook best practice for non-live video is to rely on subtitles. Having text on your video is critical to keeping user’s attention.


Linking your Facebook profile to your business page

Solly then demonstrated how to link your business page to your personal Facebook profile.

This is essential as it helps for your customers to find your business easier and also gives your business that personal touch.

You can find out how to do this here from the LIVE chat on the group

But steps have also been provided below:


Step 1

Go to your personal Facebook profile – this can be achieved by clicking the icon of your face on the top of the Facebook menu bar.


Step 2

On your profile, you should see an info section that holds information such as your relationship status, Birthday, hometown and so on, below this will be a button that says ‘Edit Details’.


Step 3

This such bring a second pop-up with titles such as ‘Work’, ‘Education’, ‘Current City’, and so on. Find the ‘Work’ title and select ‘Add a Workplace’.


Step 4


This will then take you to another screen where you will see the option again to ‘Add a Workplace’ click that again.


Step 5


You are then asked to add a company, enter here your business page name exactly as it is spelt and it should appear in the options below.


Step 6

Enter the information asked in the following steps and then click ‘save’


You will then be prompted whether you want to post this on your timeline, this is your choice, it will just appear as a normal post on the newsfeed. It’s up to you if you want to do that.