Perfect for your Next Project: Posh Chalk Precious Line

A collection of the Posh Chalk Precious line staged in an interior design setting on top of a piece of upcycled furniture

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The new Posh Chalk Precious collection is the culmination of over a year’s worth of planning. The Posh Chalk Pigments, Pastes and Patinas are brilliant but we knew we could offer even more…step forward the Posh Chalk Precious range. Let’s delve into the new Precious release and see just what’s so special about the new offering from Posh Chalk.


Precious Pigments

Unlike the Posh Chalk Pigments which, for the most part, are highly metallic, lustrous and…well…shiny; these pigments are a little more subtle, a little more understated, but no less eye catching and head turning. The pigments come in three pearlescent colours:

Both the Platinum and Diamond Gold are understated, and perfect for adding a subtle touch of class to your furniture flip and interior design projects. The Wedding Gold is of a similar shade to the Orange Gold Pigments, but with that telltale Precious Pigments pearlescence. All of the new pigments are ideal for weddings, christenings and even the upcoming festive period.

Just like the established Posh Chalk Pigments, the Precious Pigments are best when mixed with the Posh Chalk Infusor, choose more infusor for a thinner wash, add less infusor for a thicker paste consistency.

So, to add a classy sheen to your projects – turn to the brand new Precious Pigments.

A birds eye view of the Posh Chalk Precious Pigments in Wedding Gold



As with the Pigments, there are three new high quality pastes to play around with in the Precious Paste line. Enhance your projects with:

All the new pastes can be best compared to the Smooth Metallic Pastes, just that extra bit more special. The colour of the Precious Pastes are more brilliant than the current line of pastes, they’re more vivid, more complex and – like the Pigments – they are also pearlised.

So what can you expect from the new Pastes?

Well, you can expect everything you already get from Posh Chalk Pastes, and more. Similar to a modelling paste, the Precious Pastes are ideal for raised stencilling with the Posh Chalk Stencils, simply apply with a silicone brush or trowel to quickly and easily create stunning stencil art designs. As with the current line of pastes heat the Pastes whilst wet to ‘pop’ them. The water based, all-in-one pastes are also suitable for external use.

What you will find is that they are much more highly pigmented, than the current pastes, the colour schemes of all of the Precious range products lend themselves to classy events such as weddings and christenings – why not have a go at creating your own centrepieces?

The products can be easily combined to create some extraordinary finishes; the White Gold Paste, for example, works perfectly with the Diamond Gold Pigments.

If you’re looking for a paste that offers something more, a deep and brilliant colour then look no further than a Precious Paste.



Another new trio of brand new Precious Patinas to play around with. Again, they come in a classy, celebration inspired colour palette which are perfect for adding the final flourish to your projects:

The Patinas are incredibly highly pigmented and are designed to pick out the intricate details of the WoodUbend mouldings and create subtle shading effects. Unlike regular oil based gilding waxes, these gilding creams are water based – this means that they dry in seconds. Why is this important? Well, you can keep on creating without the long timescales of waiting for your waxes to dry. If you don’t like the look…they’re water based so you can paint right over it.

Again, extra brilliant in colour – the Patinas complement the colour palettes of all the Precious range. However, the Patinas are deliciously deep and curiously complex in colour, arguably the richest colours of all the Precious range, especially the Royal Gold. The Radiant Gold pairs fantastically well with the 24K Gold Paste and Wedding Gold Pigments. Mix, match and find what works for you.

Diamond Dust

Last, but by no means least, something extra special to top off the Precious range.

Diamond Dust.

On the face of it, Diamond Dust is a texture additive. It’s a texture additive which is Posh, which is Precious. Created with real Swarovski Crystals the Diamond Dust can be combined with the Smooth Metallic Posh Chalk Pastes to create your very own Textured Pastes! In fact, add to paints, pastes pigments – whatever you can think of – to create some sparkling, shimmering, sublime texture.

Mix in the Diamond Dust in with the coating of your choosing to really infuse the texture or sprinkle over the top whilst still wet to add some sparkle.


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