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Pack of Two Threaded Twist Trims TR723 1x208x0.8 cm

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Peso212 g
Dimensiones208 × 16 × 3 cm

Introducing WoodUbend Trim TR723, a striking addition to your creative repertoire, featuring an artfully designed threaded twist pattern.

Unveiled to ignite your artistic inspiration, this trim seamlessly marries classic elegance with a contemporary threaded twist.

Measuring 208 cm in length and 0.8cm in width, the TR723 trim boasts a meticulously crafted pattern of threaded twists, bringing a touch of sophisticated mechanical charm to your projects. More than a decorative element, this WoodUbend trim stands as a symbol of refined craftsmanship, poised to elevate furniture, frames, and various decor items into extraordinary pieces.

Engineered for effortless manipulation, the TR723 trim responds gracefully to heat, ensuring a seamless application around curves and edges. This unique feature empowers you to infuse your projects with the intricate details of the threaded twist design.

Elevate your creative pursuits with WoodUbend Trim TR723, where the timeless beauty of a threaded twist meets contemporary design. Make a bold statement by incorporating this exceptional trim into your projects, transforming each creation into a unique work of art. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the threaded twist design and let your imagination unfold with TR723.

Watch how the WoodUbend team carry out some DIY mitring with the WoodUbend trims  here

How to use TR723:

Step 1 – Heat the trim using a hair dryer or heat gun on the MDF board provided in the packaging. Once its thoroughly heated, start to uncoil it.

Step 2 – Apply a thin layer of wood glue to the back of the heated trim making sure you cover the entire footprint of the trim. Press onto the surface, ensuring a firm bond.

Step 3 – Clean off any excess glue with a damp paintbrush or baby wipe.  Reheat the trim in-situ and press down firmly once again.

Step 4 – Hold in place until the trim cools down.

Step 5-  Once your trim has completely cooled down, it’s now ready to paint and decorate.

Tips for TR723:

Tip 1: Any remaining trim that is not used, heat up and bend it back into the coil.  Secure it to the board and store for your next project.

Tip 2: You may decorate or pre-paint the trim before applying to the surface.

Tip 3: Don’t throw the MDF board away! – you can use it for paint mixing, preparing glue, and even under your furniture project’s legs, to keep your space clean.

Enjoy the versatility and creative options this unique trim offers for your projects!

All WoodUbend products are wonderfully compatible with Posh Chalk coatings and decoupage papers to add colour, creativity and class to your projects. Also consider our range of high-quality, reusable stencils and our range of hand-made brushes.

3rd Generation WoodUbend Bendable Wood Mouldings

Our third generation WoodUbend bendable wood trims & appliques are made at the highest compression rate yet and with upgraded rollers. This allows for cleaner, crisper lines and greater consistency from moulding to moulding. The new, third generation packaging includes a wooden insert for greater protection of the mouldings during transport and it’s a sustainable, reusable product – perfect for paint mixing, providing protection for surfaces when cutting or heating your WoodUbend mouldings, or turning into its very own project.

When cool, WoodUbend mouldings have all the properties of wood: they can be sanded; stained; sawed; distressed; painted; drilled; nailed; etc. However, with heat, the mouldings become pliable, flexible and malleable, allowing them to be stretched, shaped and applied to any surface, no matter how intricate the shape. When warm, WoodUbend mouldings are easy to cut and adhere to your projects.

You can use a heat gun, hair dryer or griddle to apply heat. It’s simple and fun! Heating means that the moulding will make an ultra-strong bond with the surface to which it is applied. It also means that if you re-heat it, you can remove and re-stick your moulding hours or even days after it has been applied. What could be easier?

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