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Posh Chalk Patina – Black 30ml

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Posh Chalk Patina – Black

Posh Chalk Patinas are artisan-quality oil-based gilding waxes with a faint aroma of almonds. There are six colours to choose from in total, each coming in a 30ml pot.

Our range of Patinas are all ‘cooler’ colours, great for giving that vintage, metallic, distressed effect. So if you want to create a picture frame for example, you can combine WoodUbend with our Patinas to give an amazing vintage metal effect to the frame.

Posh Chalk Patinas are great for creating depth and shadow effects in your project. Each Patina has an incredibly thick texture with a stiff cream consistency that will hold its shape on the end of the brush.

You can mix them with other Patina colours to produce your own unique colours that match the project you are working on, or blend them for different shades.

As our patinas are oil-based, they can’t be spread with water. Therefore we use an extending wax to make them workable. Adding an extending wax will allow the Patinas to spread out and lighten the colour, making it less ‘deep’.

There is no need to seal our Patinas; they can take up to 30 days to cure completely.

As with all Posh Chalk coatings, our Patinas are very easy to use. We love the idea of accessible crafting!

Take a look at this video featuring Posh Chalk Patinas:

Incredibly highly pigmented, this oil-based patina is the perfect finish for any project. The Black Patina is for those looking to add a little subtle elegance to their designs without upstaging.

Apply with a brush, or your fingers and easily uplift your projects.

A little truly does go a long way in this small but mighty pot. Once cured the patinas are weatherproof.

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