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Posh Chalk Pigments – Lemon Gold 30ml

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Posh Chalk Pigments Lemon Gold

Posh Chalk Pigments are high quality and colourful pigment powders. They are available in 30ml pots and there are ten colours in total to choose from.
Since these pigments are all in powder form, they all need to be mixed with a pigment infusor. The infusor mixes with the pigment to produce a spreadable liquid. We recommend using our Posh Chalk Deluxe infusor
Being in a powder form means that these pigments are extremely flexible. It is up to you how much you want to use depending on your project. So, if you want a wash, you will only use a small amount of pigment. However if you are going for full coverage then you would want to use more! You can even sprinkle them if you want!
Since they are in powder form, you can also mix pigments together to produce completely new colours and shades.
Posh Chalk pigments are extremely high quality and have amazing coverage properties due to their high pigment count. You don’t need to use much to get brilliant results!
Watch our educational video on how to use Posh Chalk pigments here:
You need a couple of other tools to get the best from Posh Chalk pigments. The first is a small scoop – a spoon will do. The second is a pipette. This will give you great control over the amount of pigment infusor you will use.
Top Tip: Use the MDF backing boards from WoodUbend as mixing trays!

An extremely fine powder with stunning results, when mixed with the Posh Chalk Infusor the Copper Pigments hypnotically transform into liquid metal. It is a true, deep copper colour that is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

The astonishing coverage from the Posh Chalk Copper Pigments means you can instantly enhance your projects. Dry brush over your WoodUbend mouldings to pick out their intricate details.

Take control as you chose your own consistency from thick paste to thin wash, the decision is yours. Proof that good things come in small packages.

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