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Posh Chalk Stencil Stained Glass Small 19.5x30cm (PCS064)

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Peso36 g
Dimensiones19 × 30 cm

Posh Chalk Stencil Stained Glass Small

Stained glass is an art form celebrated for its bold colors and intricate designs, often seen in churches, cathedrals, and historical buildings. The Posh Chalk Stained Glass Small stencil offers a unique way to recreate this traditional art form with Posh Chalk Glass Plaster and Posh Chalk Colour Kicks, allowing you to mimic the effect of assembled colored glass pieces and create elaborate patterns and designs.  Made from industrial grade mylar.

How to use: Ensure your surface is clean for best results.  Position your stencil with low tack tape or stencil adhesive.  Use a good quality stencil brush. Off-load excess paint or Posh Chalk pigments mix. Hold the stencil with one hand while you work.  Be adventurous and use more than one colour.  Pounce or swirl the brush over the design lightly. Carefully lift off the stencil and admire your work!

You can also use the stencils to create beautiful 3D effects and raised textures with the Posh Chalk Textures range of pastes & plasters. Instead of a brush you can load your pastes and plasters with a finishing trowel or spatula.

Try the stencils out with Posh Chalk Metallic pastes.  Apply the paste with a trowel, carefully remove the stencil.  Heat the paste with a heat gun whilst still wet to create an astonishing raised effect in seconds which is guaranteed to have heads turning.

Tip:  After using your stencils for your DIY project be sure to take care of them. Just clean with warm mild soapy water to remove the residue paint or Posh Chalk pastes. This little bit of extra work ensures your Posh chalk Stencil will last for years to come. We recommend hanging them up to dry and it is also a great way to store them so they don’t bend.

Dimension (inches) 11.80 x 11.80

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