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Angelic Blanket Box

Angelic WoodUbend Blanket Box

Creating a WoodUbend Blanket Box – Introduction Whilst we love arts and crafts projects, there is something really special about creating a piece of furniture

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The completed Cabinet

Bridgerton Style Drawers Part 2

Completion of the Bridgerton Style Cabinet Here is an update on our recent project. We started upcycling a Bridgerton-style miniature cabinet using WoodUbend and lots

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IKEA Hack lantern with WoodUbend

IKEA Lantern WoodUbend Hack

Our most recent project was to jazz up a basic looking lantern that we recently acquired from IKEA. Yes – an IKEA Lantern WoodUbend hack!

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Posh Chalk Stencilled Jacket

Plantillas de tiza elegantes

Uso de Posh Chalk Stencils ¿Conoce Posh Chalk Stencils? Hay una serie de productos increíbles de Posh Chalk que incluyen recubrimientos de alta calidad,

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