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Believe Big, Upcycle Big

We took on a huge upcycling project this week and we’re pleased to announce that our monochrome sideboard is complete. It may have taken many strong arms to lift the giant piece onto our workshop desk but we managed it and finally gave this piece of old furniture the POSH treatment it deserved.

We started with one of our larger mouldings, 1266 for the centrepiece. As we were placing the huge, wooden applique across two doors, the moulding needed to be heated and sliced in half. We have a quick and easy how-to video on how to cut your WoodUbend mouldings here.

A good quality wood glue was applied to the back of the bendable moulding before pushing it down onto the designated substrate. As WoodUbend mouldings have the same qualities as wood, you can shave and sand them to create a smoother edge. Believe it or not, the WoodUbend mouldings are easier to peel than most vegetables!

Slicing a WoodUbend moulding with a craft knife

Once the wooden applique is on the surface, we reheat it and give it a further press down. This ensures that the whole moulding is completely on the surface and we won’t find it on the floor later!

A giant WoodUbend moulding is applied to the surface

Never Throw Away A Moulding

We always advise you to never throw away a WoodUbend moulding. This is because broken pieces can always be fixed and you never know when you may need to use a spare part. We were very happy that we kept a whole box of spare and broken mouldings that came in super handy for this project.

Once we located our treasure box of goodies it was time to lay them on the electrical griddle. This gave them all an even chance to become warm and flexible. We smothered a generous amount of Titebond: Quick and Thick wood glue onto the surface and arranged the broken mouldings accordingly. The Titebond dries transparently, so cleaning up the glue afterwards wasn’t a problem. We could be as messy as we liked – a creative’s dream!

We apply the wooden design 1729 to both sides of the buffet and continue to surround the centrepiece with the spare mouldings. It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture!

Box of broken and spare WoodUbend mouldings

Bending The Mouldings

Next up, it’s our decorative pediment 6035. We make sure the design is warm and flexible as this moulding will have to curve around the piece of furniture to make sure the whole design is fully attached. A big WoodUbend hug was just what the sideboard was screaming out for. What else does it need? You guessed it… the last of the broken mouldings are applied to the surface, surrounding the 6035 mouldings.

Painting the WoodUbend Mouldings

Where The La Magic Happens

After WoodUbend Trim TR721 has been applied to the surface, it’s time to crack open the paint! The whole project is then coated in a few layers of Cotton by La Magic. We find that using a Posh Chalk Mouldings brush is the perfect way to reach into all the nooks and crannies of the WoodUbend mouldings.

Once the paint is dry, we adhere the last WoodUbend applique, TR718 along the border. Because, why not make the sideboard even heavier?

Splendid Stencilling

Nothing quite says splendid like our Posh Chalk Stencil ‘Posh Chandelier’ right? We used this classy design along with ‘Dainty Trellis’ to cover the top of the sideboard. The Posh Chalk Metallic Paste in ‘Black Carbon’ was an easy colour choice as it contrasts so well against the brilliant white background. In fact, we loved the colour of the Black Carbon paste so much, we decided to brush it along the base, columns and the top border.

If you’re looking for a cleaner edge, why not try duct tape? Everybody loves a tape reveal!

upcycling with the Posh Chalk Pigments

Sparkle Brilliantly and Shine Brightly

We love a bit of sparkle and shine for our upcycling projects! To add a brilliant shine to the sideboard we brushed on a lavish amount of Posh Chalk White Gold from the Precious Collection. The Paste adds a lot of class to the project as well as providing a great before and after picture.

Now we have the shine down to a tee. It’s time to add a little sparkle and by that, we mean Posh Chalk ‘Wedding Gold’ Precious Pigments! We mix the Posh Chalk pigments with our Posh Chalk pigment infusor to create stunning liquid gold. The liquid gold was then dry brushed over the WoodUbend mouldings and trim.

For the finishing touch, the whole project was covered in Elegance Black Wax by La Magic. The wax was wiped back with a dry paper towel, creating this gorgeously aged, antique look! Just like that, our WoodUbend and Posh Chalk products have worked wonders for another upcycling project.

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This week's upcycling project, monochrome sideboard


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