Tous les produits WoodUbend sont des moulures décoratives en bois pliables à la chaleur. Lorsque vous chauffez les moulures WoodUbend avec un pistolet thermique ou un sèche-cheveux, elles deviennent flexibles et peuvent être collées sur presque toutes les surfaces !

Les moulures WoodUbend ont toutes les propriétés du bois et peuvent être percées… poncées… collées… peintes… teintées… vernies… cirées ou vieillies !

Vous ne savez pas comment utiliser WoodUbend? Téléchargez notre guide gratuit ici.

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  • Broken WoodUbend Mouldings Bag 1kg

  • Curved Pediment JMM WUB6061 50x24x2 cm

  • Decorative Pediment WUB6035 11×61.5cm

  • Decorative Pediment WUB6046 10.5x61cm

  • Emblem WUB1264 34.3x27cm

  • Large Centrepiece Flexible Decorative Moulding WUB1266A-1

    Large Centrepiece WUB1266 35x56cm

  • Large Decorative WUB1265 29×34.7cm

  • WUB56B-1 Large Pack of Cogs | WooduBend Flexible Mouldings

    Large Pack of Cogs WUB0056 23x13cm

  • Leaf and Berry Trim TR726 4.3x208x0.3 cm

  • Little Angels Set – 3 Pieces WUB1186 8x10cm

  • Ornate Scroll Trim TR725 5.7x208x0.3 cm

  • WUB515D-1 Pack of Cogs | WooduBend Flexible Wood Mouldings

    Pack of Cogs WUB0515 17x10cm

  • Pack of Five Carnation Flowers WUB2122 6.5×4.5cm

  • Pack of Five Classic Multi Petal Flowers WUB0355 5x5cm

  • Pack of Five Craft Roses WUB0321 2x2cms

  • Pack of Five Crowns WUB0094 7x5cm

  • Pack of Five Crowns WUB1171 4×4.5cm

  • Pack of Five Crowns WUB1172 3x5cm

  • Pack of Five Decorative Plumes WUB0208 4.5x4cms

  • Pack of Five Flat Carnations WUB0356 5x5cm

  • Pack of Five Floral Plaques WUB1399 3.5×2.5cm

  • Pack of Five Flower Garlands WUB0350 3.5×3.5cm

  • Pack of Five Flowers WUB1437 2.8×4.6cm

  • Pack of Five Flowers WUB1479 5x5cm

Animals - WoodUBend Heat Bendable Wood Mouldings

Let your imagination run wild with animal inspired WoodUbend heat bendable wood mouldings. Each product is intricately detailed to add aesthetic to any project. These are fun and quite easy to use. There’s no need to use specialized equipment and they don’t require high level of skill.

Made from high-quality materials, our heat bendable wood mouldings have all the properties of wood when they are cool. Our mouldings are designed to pave way for many different crafting methods. They can be sanded, stained, sawed, distressed, painted, drilled, nailed, etc. However, with heat, the mouldings become pliable, flexible, and malleable, thus making them easier to stretch, shape, and to be applied to any surface, no matter how intricate the shape.

WoodUbend decorative bendable wood trim & mouldings are easier to cut and adhere to most surfaces when they are warm. To add heat, you can use either a heat gun, a griddle or even a regular hair dryer.  Heating means that the moulding will make an ultra-strong bond with the surface to which it is applied. It also means that if you re-heat it, you can remove and re-stick your moulding hours or even days after it has been applied. What could be easier?

Like the rest of WoodUbend Bendable Decorative Wood Trims and Appliques, these animal-inspired wooden mouldings are designed to add an individual touch to your creative project. The larger mouldings are great for larger projects, such as furniture upcycling. The smaller designs will be sure to enhance your crafting project with your own individual style.

Our third generation WoodUbend heat bendable wood mouldings are made at the highest compression rate yet and with upgraded rollers. This allows for cleaner, crisper lines and greater consistency from moulding to moulding.

Le nouvel emballage de troisième génération comprend un insert en bois pour une meilleure protection des moulures pendant le transport et c'est un produit durable et réutilisable - parfait pour mélanger la peinture, protéger les surfaces lors de la coupe ou du chauffage de vos moulures WoodUbend, ou se transformer en son propre projet .

Tout WoodUBend Heat Bendable Wood Mouldings, Trim, & other Products are wonderfully compatible with Posh Chalk coatings and decoupage papers to add colour, creativity and class to your projects. Also consider our range of high-quality, reusable stencils and our range of hand-made brushes.