How to Create a French Chateau Wall Panel using WoodUbend mouldings

French Chateau wall panel created with WoodUbend mouldings.

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How to Create a French Chateau Wall Panel using WoodUbend Mouldings + Posh Chalk Products


Hello, How is everybody today? 

I have been terribly busy here at WoodUbend HQ signing new stockists and distributors, setting up a new (and better) studio and prepping for our upcoming TV gig on HOCHANDA. I’ve also had lots of time to create using our new Posh Chalk Products. I recently painted this fabulous French Chateau inspired Wall panel and I can’t wait to show you how I did it.

I really wanted to teach you this wall technique using WoodUbend products on an actual wall… in my home. But I have zero space left for more projects and quarantine is limiting my ability to search out wall space elsewhere. So for this finish, I found an old MDF board to demonstrate the French Chateau Wall Panel. (You’ll have to imagine it repeating on a gorgeous wall!)

This finish took many hours of work and quite a few products, but I absolutely love the result so much. It’s very luxe and regal. I plan to hang this panel in my workshop, but you could recreate this look on an entire wall to create a focal point in any room. Let me show you how.


For this French wall panel, I wanted an elaborate and textured finish with symmetry. Before I adhered the mouldings, I painted the entire board with a light brown base coat. (I used Autentico in Cappuccino)


How to Create Perfect Symmetry with WoodUbend Mouldings

There was no room for eyeballing here. Your designs do not have to follow any rules, but if you are also looking for symmetry, I have two tips for you that will help achieve it

First, measure the board and draw guidelines. These guidelines will help you place the mouldings symmetrically. Once the mouldings are placed at the desired position, trace around them. The entire panel will be glammed up with paint and that will cover the pencil lines nicely. 


How to create a french wall panel with WooudUbend mouldings

My second tip when using two identical mouldings is to place one on top of the other to compare their shapes after they have been warmed up. Remember that WoodUbend mouldings become malleable when hot and there can be slight differences on how they bend. Bend your mouldings together to obtain identical shapes and curves.   

How to create a french wall panel with WoodUbend mouldings.


After I measured and traced their position, I warmed up each moulding. Adding heat is a critical step when adhering our WoodUbend mouldings to any project. At the top of my board, I placed moulding #1258.

1258-scaled WoodUbend moulding

This is a large and thick wall pediment but you could also use it for large pieces of furniture.


For the corners I used 2 pairs of mouldings #2102 and for the sides 1 pair of mouldings #1245


   How to create a French Wall Panel with WoodUbend and Posh Chalk pigments


At the very bottom I used moulding #2093 and a pair of mouldings #1723


How to create a french wall panel with WoodUbend mouldings and Posh Chalk pigments.

How to Create a Layered Paint Finish

 After the mouldings were glued to the board., I painted them in a light brown gray (Belgian Stone). I made sure to extend the paint a little beyond the mouldings on to the board and blended with the first base color to create a smooth transition.


How to create a french wall with WoodUbend mouldings.


For the third layer, I added (Indian Sand) a warm natural beige on the entire board, except on the mouldings. I created different textures between the center and the edge. I painted evenly in the center. Easy peasy.  Then on the edges, I applied a fine coat of paint, then followed with a piece of kitchen roll to gently dab on the paint to get a fabulous vintage look. I was very happy with how it was starting to look.


How to create a french wall panel with WoodUbend Mouldings


Next, I use a wall stencil paper and Posh Chalk metallic paste to make raised stencils for the center of the panel. I highly recommend cleaning the stencil paper before starting to work. Otherwise, the paste may adhere to the leftover product instead of the project.

I created these raised stencils with two Posh Chalk Metallic Paste colours: Light Gold and Brown Vandyke. I also needed a porous paste so I could add another layer of paint on top. I used Autentico Terrapiano paste, knowing it would absorb the next layer of paint.



Now it is time to for liquid gold. Yeah, baby, yeah!

I highlighted all the WoodUbend mouldings with Posh Chalk pigment in Byzantine Gold. This aged gold tone is exactly what you should think of when you picture the gold inside ancient churches

(This is one of our new products that will be available to the public in July! More info at the end of the post about our new pigments and pastes)  


Green Bronze Posh Chalk Metallic Paste

To create a 3D finish, I used a brush to push Green Bronze Posh Metallic Paste into all the crannies from the mouldings. This is a lovely olive shade that brings contrast and depth to our gold tones.


PRO TIP: When creating a vintage look, try to imitate natural signs of aging by avoiding straight brush strokes and intentional transitions. 


Just admire those aged details. Not too shabby!



For all borders of the panel, I created a wash by diluting gold paste in water. I brushed it freely on the surface and then dabbed out with a piece of kitchen roll.



I sprinkled Silver Posh Chalk Pigments while the wash was still wet … just to add additional bling.


For my final touch, I added Posh Chalk Pigments to highlight the mouldings again in Lemon Gold.  This is a brighter, more yellow gold — great for highlighting.


  How to create a french wall panel with WoodUbend mouldings.


And there you go guys, pure French opulence and elegance without breaking the isolation rules!


French Chateau wall panel created with WoodUbend mouldings.


I did not seal this piece for two reasons.

  • All the materials are self-sealing
  • I would not normally seal a wall. 

If I were creating this exact technique on a piece of furniture, I would seal it for extra protection and durability.



Posh Chalk Pastes & Pigments

We are getting such great results with our new pigments and pastes. Our retailers are eager to get their hands (and their customers’ hands) on these new products. They will be available to the public in July.  We appreciate your patience. In the mean time, watch our demo here:




What do you think guys? Do you like it? Will you be trying this finish out at home? Or maybe an entire wall? I hope you do!

As always, please share your WoodUbend Projects. I love seeing how your creative mind works! Please tag WoodUbend on Instagram or on Facebook @WoodUbend


Happy WoodUbend and Posh Chalking



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