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Upcycled French Chateau styled Headboard

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French Chateau Style

Bonjour Messieurs et Mesdames!

The gorgeous colour combinations from the French chateau theme are based on French Renaissance architecture. We wanted to create something that would fit perfectly in a large country house so say hello to our French chateau themed headboard!

Who doesn’t love a bit of French chateau styling?

WoodUbend trim being applied to the French Chateau Headboard

Applying the trim

This week at WoodUbend HQ we transformed an old headboard and we are here to tell you all about it! We started by heating the WoodUbend trim TR705 until it became pliable. Once flexible, the trim was applied using good quality wood glue. We like to use Titebond Quick & Thicc as…no secrets here, it does exactly as it says on the bottle.

Continuing with the same trim, we bring back our heating appliance and watch our bendable wood do its thing – bend! Don’t be afraid to add extra heat if your wood trims start to cool. The heat simply helps them turn into flexible wood, making them easier to curve around corners and create smooth, arched designs. Once the trim is on the surface, we reheat the moulding and press it down. The extra push allows all the excess glue to disperse from the sides. The excess glue can be cleaned up using a wet wipe, cotton bud or wet paintbrush.

As TR705 is a thin trim, you can tear it with your hands, or use a craft knife if you feel proficient.

Blending the Dixie Belle Paint Colours

Blending the base

It’s now time for the paint! We use Dixie Belle’s ‘Spanish moss’ to cover the trim and the edge of the headboard. Solly then blends with ‘Lemonade’ to create a French chateau vibe.

Just like our Posh Chalk Pastes, all the Dixie Belle Paints are water based. So a spritz of water here and then works wonders for blending and helping the paint move.

‘Buttercream’ is brushed into the centre of the headboard to prepare for our Belle’s and Whistle’s transfer, ‘Magnolia Garden’.

Organising the WoodUbend moudlings on the headboard

Adhering the WoodUbend Mouldings

We carefully arranged each of the WoodUbend Mouldings on the surface. The WoodUbend Moulding  6046 is heated up with a heat gun. Once the WoodUbend moulding becomes flexible it’s time for the wood glue. The next moulding 6068 was prepared on a sausage griddle and served up to the headboard.

Most of the third generation mouldings are available as a pair, making symmetrical designs such as this one easier than ever – as well as fitting perfectly with our French chateau theme.

Last but not least, WoodUbend moulding 6069 is the last applique to be applied to the arch design.

Heating the WoodUbend Moulding until it becomes flexible

WoodUbend Moulding 6 simple steps!

We continue to carry out the WoodUbend Moulding steps. Starting by heating the bendable mouldings,  applying the glue, pressing the moulding onto the surface, cleaning away the excess glue, reheating the moulding and then pressing down again!

Brushing Posh Chalk infusor onto the transfer

Transform with a Transfer

The transfer is prepared by cutting it into an oval shape. A handy wooden tool is provided to push the transfer onto the surface. Don’t forget you can seal your transfers with the Posh Chalk Pigment Infusor. This is a handy tip if you are wanting to wipe away any unwanted paste or paint in the future!

Painting the WoodUbend and headboard

The Perfect WoodUbend Frame

We all know the best frames are made with decorative mouldings. Don’t believe us? Check out this short video showing you how to create your own!

This frame is a little different, as we created a centrepiece with X1001, complete with a TR705 arch.

As the transfer was sealed with infusor, we could freely paint the mouldings and wipe away any stray brush strokes.

Dry brushing the WoodUbend mouldings

Paint and dry brushing

To tie everything together we decant some of our favourite paint and touch up the blending. Using water and the two brush blending technique a gorgeous combination of colours began to form.

The beautiful paint colour, ‘Buttercream’ was used to dry brush each of the WoodUbend mouldings and enhance their intricate details.

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