How personality types effect your bottom line

We’re in a customer facing sector, especially if you’ve got a brick and mortar store, so knowing how to deal with customers is so important.

Ok, they may have walked into your store but that’s only half the battle, we need them to be leaving with a lighter bank account and heavier shopping bags – importantly, we want them to be returning again. Retention of customers is often overlooked.

So, this week we’ll be briefly looking at personality types and how we should be approaching certain customers and what we should be avoiding with others.

So let’s start off with a dominant personality type. These people will walk into your shop shoulders back, chin high and make a bee line to exactly what they want. these people know what they need and how to get it – or at least they think they do. Questions are your friend with this sort of customer, you can’t tell them anything but you can lead them to making a better decision with some tactful questions.

Find out what they want to achieve find out how they’re going to do it – if they’re on the right track, great. If not, probe, explain but don’t tell them what they should do. Let them come to that decision by themselves. It’s a win, win, you’re getting a sale and they feel like they’ve accomplished something by figuring out a better way to tackle what ever they set out to do. If they leave feeling good, they’ll be back.

The talkative, upbeat, fun loving person. At face value these people seem great, they’re in a good mood, they like having a good time and they’ve wandered into your shop to buy whatever they need. They can be a little labour intensive though, it’s a Monday morning, you’re busy dealing with whatever popped up over the weekend and in walks this person. They’re going to be in your shop for a while chatting away about everything and anything. So what do we do?

Embrace it!

Try to match their energy, chat away to them – keep them engaged. Yes, it may eat into your day but keep them smile on your face will make sure they keep a smile on their face. They’ll happily spend their money and, again, they’ll happily come back.

When a timid person comes into your shop it can be a bit of a balancing act. These sort of people will rarely say no to you, so they are great to up-sell to. Don’t bully them into a sale though, they may buy something just to get out of your shop but they certainly won’t be back. Be polite, ask questions and see if they open up. Read the signs, if they want space back off – nobody like a push salesperson. If you get this balancing act right these people will just fill up their bags with whatever you think they need.

Here we go, the trickiest one, the detailed people. The people who have done all their research, they know more about the products than you do! Their relentless internet research means that when they ask a question, you better know the answer! These are the people who will see a wet paint sign and touch the paint to see. Inherently mistrustful of you so no sales patter here, just be polite and truthful and you’ll be well on your way to winning them over. Once you do convert these people, they’re generally very loyal customers as they trust you and your products.

It’s a well known fact that people buy into a salesperson just as much as they buy into a product, so it’s about gauging people and understanding how to approach your customers. Don’t be pushy though, nobody likes that. We’ve all been in a shop before when the shop assistant just won’t leave you alone – it doesn’t make for a great experience. So try to attune to your customers needs and most importantly, send them away happy.