How to Upcycle Frames with WoodUbend Mouldings

How to upcycle a picture frame with WoodUbend mouldings

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How to Upcycle Picture Frames with WoodUbend Mouldings. 


When I find myself strolling the aisles of a charity shop, there is a bargain that I can never pass up: an old and boring picture frame. 


Picture frames bring character and charm to any home. They are meant to enclose our best moments and most fun memories. So, why would I pick frames that can only be described as dull and lackluster?  


Because I can WoodUbend them, baby!


Learning how to upcycle frames can be a game-changer. You can give them any style or vibe that you want for a fraction of the cost of a production frame. 


In a previous project post, I shared with you how I transformed a simple wooden-framed-mirror into a French Chateau masterpiece, but upcycling a picture frame does not always have to be this elaborate. 


For today’s project, I will teach you how to upcycle picture frames quick and easy with WoodUbend Mouldings. You’ll be able to make one-of-a-kind projects for your home or as handmade gifts.






  • Sandpaper
  • Heat Gun
  • Stanley Knife


Always begin by cleaning up the frames with a cloth and soapy water to eliminate dust or undesired residues. Then, it is time to WoodUbend it!


The fastest and easiest way to add plenty of texture to any frame is to embellish all four sides with any of our lovely bendable trims


For this frame, I selected a wide trim, G0118, that will cover the entire frame, and I also chose a flower garland moulding #349, to garnish it.


Steps to DIYing a Picture Frame with WoodUbend


First, I warmed up my trim on a griddle. Then I placed it over my frame to calculate the length I needed for each side. While it’s slightly warm, I cut the trim using a Stanley knife. 


To achieve a more professional finish, I suggest making angular cuts for the corners of the frame. You do not need any special tools to find the right angle, just guide yourself with the mitered seams from the frame. 


How to upcycle a picture frame


Speaking of making cuts. Have you heard the expression “measure twice, cut once?” Yes, I have too, but I eyeballed and it ended up being a tiny bit short. Oops. With any other crafting trim, I would have been shouting angry words and trashing it as fast as I could. But it’s not a big deal with our bendy WoodUbend. To make up for the lost length, I warmed up the trim again and stretched it to the length I needed. 


How to upcycle a picture frame with WoodUbend mouldings.


Do not be concerned about the trim shrinking to its original shape after it cools down. Heat is the key. When warm, the mouldings become malleable and you can manipulate them into any position. They will not retract back, I promise. WoodUbend will stay with whatever form you bend or stretch them to. It’s like magic!


After adhering the trim to all four sides using wood glue, I inspected my frame searching for any imperfections. The trim I used, G0188, was a tiny bit wider than my frame, but just as I am able to stretch my mouldings, I can fix any sizing issue with heat. I used my heat gun to warm the trim and cut the excess with a Stanley knife. To smooth any rough areas, I sanded the moulding with sandpaper and achieved a seamless finish. 


HOT TIP: Did you know you can also shave off excess moulding even when they are no longer warm? Watch this short video if you think this tip is too good to be true. 


At this point, give the frame the finish of your choice. WoodUbend mouldings have all the properties of wood: you can paint them, stain them, or wax them. But the best part is that there is no downtime. You can start painting or staining the mouldings right away, without stopping your creative flow. 


I decided to bling up my frame with Posh Chalk Pigments. Our pigments are very dense natural pigments (synthetic is so last century) that can be mixed with any top coat sealant. Posh Chalk pigments are so dense that you do not need to use a lot to cover a large project. The secret is to mix your pigments very well. The thicker your sealant, the more you have to mix. 


HOT TIP: if you mix too much of the Posh Chalk Pigments, you can save the excess in a jar. The pigments can stay good for up to 4 weeks in a very well sealed jar. 


I picked Posh Chalk Pigment in silver for my frame because it’s very classy and rich-looking. To decorate the flower garland moulding, I went with an ombre blending copper and byzantine gold.


Posh Chalk pigments. Silver


Notice that I added the flower garland moulding AFTER painting it. With a flexible sealant such as the one I used, you can heat and bend the moulding and the sealant will bend along without cracking.


How to upcycle a picture frame with WoodUbend


For the final touch, I added dimension to my frame with an aged look. I applied black wax freely over my entire frame, making sure to cover all the nooks and crannies and then I wiped the excess off with a baby wipe.  Voila! 


How to upcycle a picture frame


You can follow the entire process HERE 


Give it a try folks. Upcycle some picture frames at home and share the results with me.  I love seeing how your creative mind works! Please tag WoodUbend on Instagram or on Facebook @WoodUbend


Happy WoodUbend and Posh Chalking




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