New, Innovative Product WoodUbend is Taking the Crafting World by Storm

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New, Innovative Product WoodUbend is Taking the Crafting World by Storm

This year was the first anniversary for the company WoodUbend and there certainly is plenty of reason to celebrate for this funky little start-up.

WoodUbend has seen a substantial growth in its 1 year of industry life, with having over 150 stockists worldwide and a great collaboration with Dixie Belle Paint Company.

But first, what is a WoodUbend?

WoodUbend mouldings are furniture appliques that contain all the properties of wood. This means they can be drilled, sanded, painted, stained, waxed, sliced, and so on…

But what makes this product so unique is that once heated, it can be bent!

Transforming into an almost ‘putty-like’ state, these mouldings can be bent, stretched and manipulated to fit the contour of anything they are applied to.

Using specific wood glue, WoodUbends can adhere to any surface including wood, stone, rubber and even glass. Mouldings are perfect for any arts project inclusive of canvas art, furniture restoration and even interior wall decor.

There’s so much to choose from! With a range of over 3000 designs and more in the making, there’s a design available to fit everyone’s artistic preferences.

The founder of this innovative product, artist SollyJo, has tried and tested all these designs on various projects. Constantly developing new ideas and designs to expand the WoodUbends into niche markets.

Her latest development of the supersized mouldings allow for effortless wall designs adding a 4th dimension to the concept of a signature wall.

Solly first found her use of the mouldings during her time as a furniture ‘Upcycler’. The mouldings add a touch of class to a piece of furniture where an old cupboard can be completely converted into a French-Chateau-inspired Dresser wardrobe.

WoodUbend has recently visited Frankfurt for the Creative Worlds exhibition and won the New Product award at Creativite, Phoenix.

A company full of excitement and new beginnings for a lot of small-time stockists and successful distributors, WoodUbend is certainly a company to look out for in 2020.

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Happy bending!


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