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Posh Chalk Stencilled Jacket

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Using Posh Chalk Stencils

Do you know about Posh Chalk Stencils? There are a number of amazing products from Posh Chalk that include high-quality coatings, crafting brushes and decoupage. However, Posh Chalk also have an exclusive range of stencils too. Here, we look at some of the newest designs, and how you can use them for your crafting or upcycling project. If you’re looking for a fun, easy and creative way to add some personality to your DIY projects, then you need to check out Posh Chalk stencils!

Posh Chalk have a huge range of stencils that feature a variety of styles. However, we have recently launched two brand new ranges.

The first of these is the Alexandra Collection. The second is the House of Mendes collection which have been designed by the renowned furniture up-cycler Jonathan Marc Mendes.

We recently used these stencils to create a series of amazing crafting products. This week we will look at some fabric creations using the Alexandra collection…next week well look at upcycling projects using the House of Mendes collection.

All of these projects are designed to prove that you don’t need to be a skilled and trained artist to become a great artist!


Posh Chalk Stencils: The Alexandra Collection

At Posh Chalk, we work exclusively with a brilliant young designer – Alexandra, SollyJo’s daughter – who has come up with an innovative range of stencils. Each of these products features a different design. What makes them so special is that they are multilayer. There are three designs in total – Hippy Sunflower, which has 6 layers, Posh Rose which has 5 layers and Sleek Leopard with 2 layers. You create a brilliant, finished look by layering each with different colours – they build up to create an eye-catching effect.


Applying Posh Chalk Stencils to Fabric

One of the reasons why we love stencils is because they are so versatile! On October 4th we launched our new stencil ranges. As part of this release Solly Jo and Jonathan created three projects that used stencils – two involved us adding some colour to a couple of denim jackets (using ‘Hippy Sunflower’ and ‘Posh Rose’); the other was taking a staid old bag and giving it a boost using ‘Sleek Leopard’. All of these projects followed the same process; let’s look in detail at the process we followed when we used ‘Hippy Sunflower’:


  1. Aby uzyskać najlepsze rezultaty, upewnij się, że powierzchnia jest czysta.

Since this project involved applying the stencil to a denim jacket, we first washed, dried and ironed the jacket to ensure it was free of any dirt, or anything that would cause the stencil to not adhere correctly.

  1. Umieść szablon za pomocą taśmy o niskiej przyczepności lub kleju do szablonów.

Because this is a multilayer stencil, and since it is being applied to a soft fabric, in this case we prepared a square backing which we adhered to the inside of the jacket. This gave us a smooth and stiff area before applying the stencil.

One of the features of this collection is that each stencil has a guide that allows you to use ‘positioning marks’ on the surface, ensuring an accurate finish every time.


3. Off-load excess paint. Less is more.

Excess paint will lead to a build up around the edges of the stencil which will be unsightly and not be smooth to the touch.

4. Hold the stencil with one hand while you work.

When working with multilayer stencils like the Alexandra collection, it is really important to be precise as you add each layer. Any movement between layers will cause the image to be distorted. So, try and get used to having one hand keep the surface in position, and the other doing the painting. For this project we used a variety of Posh Chalk coatings for a stunning effect.

5. Be adventurous and use more than one colour.

The multi-layered Alexandra collection has a guide to the different colours that you should use…however if you are daring then try experimenting! All Posh Chalk stencils are durable and washable, so if it goes slightly wrong, no need to worry!

6. Use a good quality stencil brush.

It’s really important to use a brush that gets in all the nooks and crannies. Stencil work needs strong lines for best effect. We used a Posh Chalk Stencil Brush to ensure that the coating was perfectly spread.

  1. Lekko narzuć lub zakręć pędzelkiem po projekcie. 

Using a swirling motion is a great way to ensure an even spread of the coating over the stencil and surface.

  1. Zdejmij szablon i podziwiaj swoją pracę!


Posh Chalk Stencilled Jacket

Hippy Sunflower Stencil on jacket

We were blown away by the results of this project. The combination of the dark background of the jacket and the bright design is really eye-catching. The multi-layered design really adds depth and dimension to the design, making it ‘pop’ from the surface.

The results of the two other projects were similarly stunning. Here is how ‘Posh Rose’ turned out:

Here is how we added some jazz to a rather boring tote bag:



…and after!

Washing the Posh Chalk Stencils

All Posh Chalk Stencils are re-useable and so easy to clean. Just clean with warm mild soapy water to remove the residue paint or Posh Chalk pastes. This little bit of extra work ensures your Posh chalk Stencil will last for years to come. We recommend hanging them up to dry and it is a great way to store them so they don’t bend.

Here are some benefits of using stencils in your craft project:

Dodaj osobowość do swoich projektów DIY.

Wybierz spośród wielu wzorów.

Łatwy w użyciu.

Daje Ci możliwość tworzenia.

Z łatwością przekształć swoje meble / projekty za pomocą nowego projektu.

Nadaj swoim projektom niepowtarzalny, szyty na miarę wygląd.

Te szablony można wykorzystać prawie do wszystkiego!

Products used in the Posh Chalk Stencils Hippy Sunflower project

Alexandra Collection Stencils: These are multi-layered stencils made from 0.3mm PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate aka Polyester). This is a thicker stencil than most on the market. They have been designed to be translucent, so that you can see the progress of your artwork as it builds

Posh Chalk Yellow Cadmium

Posh Chalk Green Fhthalo

Posh Chalk Red Medium Cadmium

Posh Chalk Red Alizarin

Posh Chalk Dark Green

Posh Chalk Black Carbon

Posh Chalk White Titanium

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Często Zadawane Pytania

Here are some questions that we frequently get asked about the Alexandra Collection of stencils:

Do czego służą szablony?

Kolekcja Posh Chalk Alexandra Collection ma być wykorzystywana w ramach projektu upcyklingu sztuki, rzemiosła lub mebli. Malując przez otwory w szablonie, na wybranej powierzchni pojawi się wzór. A ponieważ są to szablony wielowarstwowe, a każda warstwa jest nieco inna, możesz użyć różnych kolorów, aby zbudować oszałamiające, wielokolorowe dzieło sztuki


Czy szablony kredy Posh mogą być ponownie użyte?

TAk. Szablony z kolekcji Alexandra są wykonane z wytrzymałego PET i można je wielokrotnie prać i używać ponownie.


Jak działają szablony?

Stencils work by allowing paint seep through the designated holes. These stencils are guaranteed to leave sharp, neat edges to your decorative piece.

These multi-layered stencils mean that you can build your design up, layer by layer, using different colours each time for a wonderful effect.


Z czego wykonane są te szablony?

Szablony z kolekcji Alexandra są wykonane z wytrzymałego PET i można je wielokrotnie prać i używać ponownie. Ponieważ są wykonane z PET, kiedy w końcu się zużyją, można je nawet poddać recyklingowi!


Gdzie mogę kupić te szablony?

Kolekcję szablonów Alexandra można kupić tylko u sprzedawców Posh Chalk i WoodUbend. Aby znaleźć najbliższego dystrybutora, kliknij ten link: