New Trims Spring 2022

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  • Leaf and Berry Trim TR726 4.3x208x0.3 cm

  • Ornate Scroll Trim TR725 5.7x208x0.3 cm

  • Pack of Two Plain Semi Circle Trims TR728 2x208x0.8 cm

  • Pack of Two Small Zip Trims TR711 1x208x0.5 cm

  • Pack of Two Thread and Cross Trims TR712 1.2x208x0.7 cm

  • Pack of Two Threaded Twist Trims TR723 1x208x0.8 cm

  • Pack of Two Wavy Trims TR719 3x208x0.6 cm

  • TR717 1 (2)

    Trim Chunky Chain TR717 208×3.7×1 cm

  • Trim Diagonal Stripe TR704 4.5x208x0.2 cm