All WoodUbend products are heat-bendable decorative wood mouldings. When you heat WoodUbend mouldings with a heat gun or hair dryer they become bendy and can be adhered to just about any surface!

WoodUbend mouldings have all the properties of wood and can be Drilled…Sanded…Glued…Painted…Stained…Varnished…Waxed or Distressed!

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  • Broken WoodUbend Mouldings Bag 1kg

  • Broken WoodUbend Mouldings Bag 250gr

  • Broken WoodUbend Mouldings Bag 500gr

  • Emblem WUB1264 34.3x27cm

  • Large Decorative WUB1265 29×34.7cm

  • Pack of Five Crowns WUB0094 7x5cm

  • Pack of Two Applique Ornate Frames with Pediment WUB6114A | WoodUbend Products

    Pack of Two Applique Ornate Frames with Pediment WUB6114 26x18x1.5 cms

  • Pack of Two Baroque Designs WUB2169 4x13cm

  • Pack of Two Filigree WUB1267 35.5×19.3cm

  • Pack of Two Large Wooden Boats WUB2134 17x8cm

  • Pack of Two Mermaids WUB2284 27×11.5cm

  • Pack of Two Windmills WUB2285 24.7X18cm

  • Papyrus 2295 | WoodUbend Flexible Decorative Wood Mouldings and Products

    Papyrus 2295 27×56.50cm

  • WoodUbend Ribbon 1 Meter

  • Wreath (Set of two pieces) WUB1457 20.5×20.5cm

  • WUB1268 51x20cm