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  • Pack of Five Craft Roses WUB0321 2x2cms

  • Pack of Five Folded Petal Flowers WUB0338 3x3cm

  • Pack of Five Medium Roses WUB0319 3x3cm

  • Pack of Five Rose Bouquets WUB0330 5.20×6.3cm

  • Pack of Five Rosebuds WUB0329 4.5×5.5cm

  • Pack of Five Small Leafed Roses WUB0339 4x4cm

  • Pack of Five Small Roses WUB0320 2.7×2.7cm

  • Pack of Five Small Roses WUB0328 3x3cm

  • Pack of Five Small Roses WUB0342 3.5×3.5cm

  • Pack of Five Swirl Rose Buds WUB0344 2.7×2.7cm

  • Pack of Two Classic Large Roses WUB0324 13.5x17cm

  • Pack of Two Classic Roses Medium WUB0326 8×9.5cm

  • Pack of Two Full Petal Roses WUB2185 7x7cm

  • Pack of Two Roses WUB2460 6×15.5cm

  • Set of Roses and Stems WUB1413 36x7cm