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  • Pack of Five Small Lady Plaques WUB2167 5.2x4cm

  • Pack of Two Decorative Plaque WUB1227 16.5x23cm

  • Pack of Two Decorative Plaque WUB2162 20.5x14cm

  • Pack of Two Decorative Plaques WUB1711 11.7×8.5cm

  • Pack of two Decorative Plumes WUB1659 9×5.5cm

  • Pack of Two Decorative Plumes WUB1721 19.3×11.7cm

  • Pack of Two Flower Garlands WUB1674 11×6.5cm

  • Pack of Two Flower Plaques WUB2097 20x15cm

  • WUB6047

    Pack of Two Square Floral Centrepieces JMM WUB6047 9x9x1 cm

  • Set of Applique Dreamweaver WUB2164 14.7x11x1 cms