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Posh Chalk Aqua Patina – Snow White 30ml (PC0406)

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Weight76 g
Dimensions4.5 × 4.5 × 4 cm

Posh Chalk Aqua Patina Snow White Gilding Wax

Posh Chalk Aqua Patina Snow White is a water-based, artisan-quality gilding wax. There are several other colours of Aqua Patinas to choose from in total, each coming in a 30ml pot.

Each of the colours are stunning, striking colours that really ‘pop’.

Posh Chalk Aqua Patina Snow White Gilding Wax, like other Aqua Patinas, is very spreadable with a much lighter consistency than their oil-based cousins from the Patina range. They are all extremely bright and shiny, with a gooey texture that is thicker than our range of metallic pastes.

With our Aqua Patinas there is no need for extending wax; they can be applied directly to, for example, WoodUbend mouldings. Posh Chalk Aqua Patina Snow White Gilding Wax  like other Aqua Patinas will give amazing coverage due to their high pigment count.

Since they are water-based, you can add more water to help them mix. Consider a spray which will immediately make the Posh Chalk Aqua Patina Snow White Gilding Wax become more flexible and spreadable. This will allow for smoother transitions when blending your colours… it also makes a small amount of patina go a long way!

So why not practice blending different colours from our aqua patina range? If you are mixing, move your brush in a circular movement to blend colours together.

You can find many examples of how we have used Aqua Patina’s in our projects. It’s the patina that really gives Solly’s work the elegant edge.

All Posh Chalk Aqua Patinas are self-sealing and will dry and cure within minutes. They can also be used for externally for projects that will then live their lives outside. Check out our website for more WoodUBend and Posh Chalk Products.

About Posh Chalk Products

Posh Chalk products represent a curated collection of premium artisan products and tools designed by SollyJo to inspire and elevate the world of DIY and crafting.

Solly Jo’s products are designed to deliver creative elegance to any project. Our materials are hand-picked in order to ensure maximum impact, brilliant results and the highest of quality. Posh Chalk products can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including glass, metal, wood and even fabric. All Posh Chalk products are compatible with our innovative range of WoodUbend bendable wooden mouldings. Simply mix your colour of choice and apply for amazing results! For tutorials and more, click here

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