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Posh Chalk Colour Kicks 25ml – Royal Indigo

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Posh Chalk Colour Kicks 25ml

Posh Chalk Colour Kicks come in ten beautiful colours:  Ebony Noir, Aegean Ocean, Royal Indigo. Mocha Delight, Pine Forest, Rich Ochre, Bright Scarlet, Garnet Flare, Arctic White, & Dandelion Yellow.

Royal Indigo is a deep, rich shade of blue with hints of purple, evoking a sense of elegance and luxury. This colour can add a regal touch to any project, conveying sophistication and refinement. Its bold and vibrant nature can make a statement while still maintaining a timeless appeal, making it a versatile choice for the creator.

Posh Chalk Colour Kicks are a versatile and highly concentrated pigment gel that allows artists to create custom shades and hues tailored to their preferences. With just a few drops, artists can easily adjust the colour intensity and vibrancy of their artwork, offering full control over the colour mixing process. These colour kicks are compatible with all Posh Chalk liquid and paste products such as our Extra Flexible Paste, our Crackle Enamel, the Athenian Plaster, Glass Plaster, Posh Chalk Crackle Paste,  & of course our Infusor, and can be mixed with both water and other solvent-based materials, making them suitable for a wide range of artistic projects.

To use Posh Chalk Colour Kicks, simply add a small amount to your chosen medium and blend well to achieve your desired colour. Experiment with different amounts and combinations to create unique and personalised shades that make your artwork stand out. Whether you’re blending with other Posh Chalk products or mixing with different mediums, Colour Kicks provide a user-friendly and versatile solution for artists seeking to unleash their creativity. Discover the endless creative possibilities with Posh Chalk Colour Kicks and bring your artistic vision to life with intense and dazzling colours.

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