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Posh Chalk Glass Plaster – 110ml

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Glass Plaster

Size: 500 ml or 800 ml

Posh Chalk Glass Plaster is an artisan-quality plaster that adheres perfectly to all surfaces with an ultra-high gloss, transparent finish. More viscous than our Athenian Plaster, our Glass Plaster is a high-quality, thick product.

Our Glass Plaster can be coloured with Posh Chalk Colour Kicks to create a tinted glass effect when applied on glass or Perspex.  The Glass Plaster can also be texturised with Posh Chalk Diamond Dust. It is great for both internal and external usage and has an in-built UV filter for protection against strong sunlight.

An acrylic primer such as Posh Chalk Infusor may be used if the surface isn’t clean and smooth. Posh Chalk Glass Plaster is best applied with a Posh Chalk finishing trowel, spatula or brush.

Posh Chalk Glass Plaster works brilliantly with Posh Chalk Stencils to create a raised stencil effect. Apply an acrylic primer if the designated substrate is not clean and smooth. This plaster can be used on its own or in conjunction with our Athenian Plaster and or our Extra Flexible Paste.

About Posh Chalk products

Posh Chalk is a range of artisan products each of which has been designed and developed by SollyJo.

Posh Chalk products are designed to deliver creative elegance to any project. Our materials are hand-picked in order to ensure maximum impact and brilliant results.

Posh Chalk products can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including glass, metal, wood and even fabric.

All Posh Chalk products are compatible with our innovative WoodUbend range of bendable wooden mouldings. Simply mix your colour of choice and apply for amazing results!

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