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Posh Chalk Paste Lubricant – 100ml (PCF010)

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Weight192 g
Dimensions4.5 × 4.5 × 11.5 cm

Posh Chalk Paste Lubricant

Sizes: 100ml

Posh Chalk Lubricant is an essential tool for artists and crafters looking to extend the drying time of water-soluble materials such as Posh Chalk Pastes, Posh Chalk PatinasPosh Chalk Aqua Patinas. By adding up to 10% of Posh Chalk Paste Lubricant to your chosen products and thoroughly mixing them, you can effectively slow down the drying process and ensure more time for intricate detailing and blending.  Not only does this lubricant extend the working time of products, it also brings them back to life if for any reason they have thickened up with the passing of time.  Add a few drops of the lubricant to the product that has thickened or hardened and mix well.

This versatile paste lubricant not only provides practical benefits but also opens up a world of creative possibilities by allowing for smoother application and increased workability. Add a thin layer to your brush or trowel to achieve a beautiful smooth finish to your work.

Whether you are a seasoned artist or just starting out in the world of mixed media, Posh Chalk Paste Lubricant offers a simple yet effective solution to enhance your artistic process and achieve professional-quality results. Elevate your projects with Posh Chalk Paste Lubricant and experience the difference in your creations.

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About Posh Chalk Products

Posh Chalk products represent a curated collection of premium artisan products and tools designed by SollyJo to inspire and elevate the world of DIY and crafting.

Solly Jo’s products are designed to deliver creative elegance to any project. Our materials are hand-picked in order to ensure maximum impact, brilliant results and the highest of quality. Posh Chalk products can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including glass, metal, wood and even fabric.

All Posh Chalk products are compatible with our innovative range of WoodUbend bendable wooden mouldings. Simply mix your colour of choice and apply for amazing results! For tutorials and more, click here or visit our YouTube account.

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