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Posh Chalk Patina Extending Wax 200ml

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Weight222 g
Dimensions11 × 11 × 6.5 cm

Posh Chalk Patina Extending Wax

Size: 200ml

Posh Chalk Patina Extending Wax is a deluxe art and craft wax which has numerous applications. It has been specifically manufactured by Posh Chalk under the instructions of Solly Jo to be the perfect accompaniment for our wonderful range of Posh Chalk products.

Our extending wax is a premium quality oil based and extremely dense product. It has a smooth, polish-like consistency, and a wonderful almond aroma. It is a clear wax ideal for buffing any piece of furniture.

You can use it to seal furniture in order to add protection and to add a premium quality finish to bare wood. So it is ideal for example to add a premium finish to old furniture such as desks.

You can also use it with Posh Chalk Patinas and it will dilute the patina so you can do a ‘fade-out’ effect.

Apply with a brush, ideally our Extender Wax Brush which has been designed for specific use with this wax:

Take a look at a recent popular crafting project that made use of this extending wax:

Please note this extending wax does not contain any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Posh Chalk Patina Extending Wax comes in a tub weighing 200 grams, and contains 200ml of wax.


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