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WoodUbend WoodUGlue – 250ml (WUBG250)

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Weight302 g
Dimensions5 × 5 × 17 cm

WoodUbend WoodUglue

Sizes: 130ml or 250ml

Introducing WoodUglue, a premium wood glue designed specifically for adhering WoodUbend mouldings with superior precision and ease. This high-quality wood glue is known for its thick consistency, which eliminates messy drips and the need for constant wiping during application.

Say goodbye to long wait times – WoodUbend WoodUglue dries relatively quickly, reducing clamping time and allowing for efficient bonding on all your WoodUbend & woodworking projects.

Count on WoodUglue to deliver strong and durable connections that stand the test of time. Craft with confidence using WoodUglue for all your woodworking endeavors.

Step 1. Warm your WoodUbend mouldings up.  Apply WoodUglue to the entire footprint of the WoodUbend. Offer the moulding up to the designated substrate and press firmly.  Wipe away any excess glue that may have expelled from the underside of the moulding.

Step 2. Pass over the moulding with the heat source once again whilst in-situ and press down moulding it to the contour of the surface.  If the WoodUbend mouldings is a large one, you may wish to secure it with masking tape.  Once the WoodUglue has dried, you’re ready to decorate your WoodUbend.

Tip: You may also apply your WoodUglue to the designated surface.  This is especially helpful when applying WoodUbend Trims

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