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Посх Цхалк Пигментс Делуке Инфусор

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Тежина 80 г

Posh Chalk Pigments Deluxe Infusor is a top coat sealer with a wonderful gloss finish. Our infusor has been specifically designed for use with Посх Цхалк пигменти and has been created by Solly Jo herself to be of the highest possible quality.

It is the perfect match for Posh Chalk powder pigments. You can use it with single pigments or with multiple pigments to create a luxurious mixture of colours and effects.

Since you can control the quantity of infusor to add to the powder pigments you can effectively control the density of the finished mixture. So, if you use less liquid, you will get a more dense mixture, useful for heavy dry brushing. Alternatively you can add more for a ‘wash’ finish. This will allow the colour of the pigment to spread across the surface with less colour intensity.

You can also use this infusor as an adhesive by applying it to the surface of your project. This will give a wonderful gloss finish.

This Posh Chalk Deluxe product can also be used for децоупаге, as a ‘glue’ that will leave a gloss finish which will also seal your decoupaged project. Take a look at this video to see a multi-media project in which we created a piece of wall art: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoFuZxGewkg.

The Posh Chalk Pigments Deluxe Infusor comes in a bottle containing 8 fluid ounces, or around 236 ml. It weighs 80 grams.

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