Summer Celebration with WoodUbend

Best painted furniture. Summer celebration.

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Summer Celebration with WoodUbend


Hello my bendy family


Summer is finally here!


We all look forward to this season: days spent splashing in the pool, the distinct smell of sun cream, frozen treats overdoses, and more opportunities to spend time outdoors with the family. I love summer baby. In all honesty, the only thing I do not appreciate about summer is how it comes and goes so quickly. 


However, this summer will undoubtedly be quite different from any other summer we can remember. With many of our holiday plans cancelled and social distancing enforcements in place, we might feel as the season has been ruined for us.  But that does not mean Summer 2020 has to be a bummer. We can still focus on the simple pleasures of the season that quarantining cannot take away from us such as bright blooming colours, the sweet smells in the air, and the best of all, the beautiful sunshine. 


And so, if we cannot go out to enjoy the summer, why don’t we bring it indoors to us? I have the best solution for you to do just that. 


I am proud to announce that WoodUbend will be sponsoring the Best Painted Furniture Contest! 


We have joined a group of wonderful companies that just like us, have decided to make the best out of these uncertain times through art and craftsmanship. 


The theme for the month of July is “Summertime Celebration” in honour of summer, of course! 


Best painted furniture. Summer celebration.


The rules are simple: show us your best summer colours and those summery, happy, bright & fun pieces. This contest series is open internationally* and to all paint brands.


The top winner will receive a $50 gift card to each of these sponsor companies and the two finalists will get $25 gift cards.


Just check out the list of sponsors. You will be as excited as I am:

WoodUbend Mouldings


Dixie Belle Paint Company


Country Chic Paint


Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint


Vintage Market And Design Chalk Furniture Paint


The Plaster Paint Company


Roycycled Treasures


SurfPrep Sanding


D. Lawless Hardware Friends


and Nordic Chic Paint!


Here is how to enter the Best Painted Furniture Contest


Comment on this post with your painted piece and tag your business page OR post your painted piece on Instagram and use the hashtag #bestpaintedfurniture. Please note, only two entries per person.



  • Pieces will be collected and reposted on this Facebook page in a photo album
  • A panel of judges will vote to select the top three entries
  • The top three will be posted on this page
  • The winner will be determined by likes after a week-long voting period
  • The winner will be announced at the end of the month


Show us what you got!


Submissions will be open until July 23rd!


*The competition is open to all internationally, but not all the vendors operate in all countries, therefore some vendors might not be able to ship if the winner is international, depending on the country


There you have it folks, grab the brightest paint you got and favorite paint brushes, put on your swimsuits (no pictures required for this step), and let your summer dreams go wild. 


I know it can be a little daunting to paint classic design pieces and antique furniture in bright colours. We are tempted to keep their classic lines and style untouched. But after going bold in all my projects, I have never regretted a single stroke.


Do you want more inspiration ideas? Check out the work from some of our brand ambassadors. I know you will not be afraid of colour after seeing these masterpieces, painted with no retrains and embellished with WoodUbend mouldings.









Feeling inspired yet? 


Enjoy this summer celebration with WoodUbend and as always, please share your WoodUbend Projects. I love seeing how your creative mind works! Please tag WoodUbend on Instagram or on Facebook @WoodUbend


Happy WoodUbend and Posh Chalking




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