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There have been a lot of pieces I have been meaning to do up in the WoodUbend workshop.


Recently I have been drawn to these two drinks cabinets, a girl has gotta have somewhere to store her Prosecco! But maybe two whole cabinets are a bit overkill?


Either way, it has been a treat to work on these two beauties.


The earlier of the two, I created with WoodUbend and Posh Chalk Ambassador Sue Parson’s, we nicknamed the piece Big Bertha because it’s been a big job.


Here’s how we created this look:



You will need…

  • Paint Brushes
  • A pallet knife
  • Some good quality specific wood glue
  • A heat gun and / or griddle (with foil on top)
  • Baby wipes
  • Kitchen roll



Here’s your shopping list…

  • Posh Chalk Smooth Metallic Paste – Blue Prussian and Pearl Gold
  • Posh Chalk Pigments – Pale Gold, Lemon Gold, Silver and Orange Gold
  • Posh Chalk Stencil Water Lily Flowers and Raining in Paris
  • A clear topcoat sealer
  • WoodUbend – X1017, X1012, X1001, TR 124, 2131, and 2082
  • Dixie Belle colours In The Navy and Cotton
  • Dixie Belle Big Momma’s Butta – Orange Grove

(Posh Chalk Blue Prussian and Pearl Gold Paste, Orange Pigments, and the stencils are to be released at the end of September!)

Step 1

Prep your piece.


This was initially painted in white with an angelic transfer on the front, this all needed to be sanded down and washed for an even finish.


Step 2

Apply your base


We went over the whole thing in Dixie Belle’s In the Navy, this only took two coats. Using my DB synthetic Mini and then a French Tip to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Step 3

Stencil Time

Using an ordinary Spray mount I bought online, I sprayed the back of the stencil and applied it to the area where I wanted to see the design. This is best applied to a flat area that fits your stencil if you are new to stencilling, as it can be tricky to apply your pastes over an uneven surface of where you stencil is overhanging.

I carefully spread my Posh Chalk Smooth Metallic Paste with a pallet knife for a clean finish. Carefully peel back the stencil from one edge to the other, never pull it off as that could result in smudging.

I repeated the same process for the top flat surfaces in Posh Chalks Smooth Metallic Pearl Gold Paste.

Watch us apply the stencil here! 

I also added the Posh Chalk Raining in Paris Stencil design to the sides of the drawers to liven up the plain wood that was already there. I stencilled this on with Dixie Belle Fluff as a raised stencilling effect would definitely not work here!


Step 4

Painting the mouldings

I painted most of the mouldings beforehand as I wanted them to stand out from the piece and not blend in, by painting them first, it doesn’t mean that I will need a steady hand to paint them once they are applied.

For the mouldings on the front of Bertha (X1017, X1012, and X1001) I painted them in Posh Chalk Lemon Gold Pigments. For the internal pieces (2131 and 2082) I used the silver. By mixing the Pigments with a topcoat sealer that is also flexible, when heated there was not concern of the coating cracking when the mouldings were bent.

Whilst I was at it, I painted the inside of the unit too with Posh Chalk Orange Gold Pigment mixed with a topcoat sealer.

I applied the trim (TR124) to the piece first and painted it with the rest of the unit as I wanted it to look like a continued part of Bertha.

Step 5

Applying the Mouldings

A step we are all very familiar with!

Make sure to heat your mouldings before applying, not only does it help to adhere to the surface, but they will also form to the shape of your surface if it isn’t perfectly flat (which no surface ever is).

Apply the wood glue to the back of the moulding, heat it one more time, and press it against the surface, not too much pressure is needed but you should see some glue squidging out of the edges. That’s fine, you can wipe this excess away with a baby wipe or a thin brush dipped in water.


Step 6

Liquid Glass!

Now was the time for some liquid glass!

Since I had placed trim around the two top columns, I had created a nice little reservoir for my liquid glass to sit in.

This did go slightly awry when I applied the liquid glass, as the workshop floor was uneven resulting in the liquid pouring out over the side.

We quickly fixed this up and the glass now sits nicely on the top. The workshop floor took the brunt of this!

Hopefully we can all learn from that mistake, always make sure to work on a flat surface when using liquid glass.


Step 7


Bertha did not require much finishing work, the topcoat sealer was already mixed in with the Posh Chalk Pigments for the WoodUbend mouldings and the inside of the unit.

I applied Dixie Belle’s Big Momma’s Butta in Orange Grove to the sides of the drawers to help then slide in and out smoother, and also because it just smells so dang good!

And there you have it!

Big Fabulous Bertha

She now stands proudly in our workshop waiting for her new home.


Thanks for joining me today in our weekly blog. Tune in next week for more DIY creations and crafting.

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Happy WoodUbend and Posh Chalking,


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