Three Simple but Effective Interior Design Projects

A finished interior design accent wall with silver raised stencilling between two woodubend trims acting as dado rails. Three panels on the bottom have been painted over in a dark grey, giving way to a lighter grey at the top, seperated by white woodubend trim

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WoodUbend and Posh Chalk products are brilliant for use with crafting and furniture upcycling projects, but it doesn’t stop there! If you’re using this time of social restrictions to spruce up your house, then take a look at some of these quick and easy interior design projects you can do with WoodUbend and Posh Chalk.

Wall Panels

All WoodUbend trims are 2.2m in length which makes them perfect for creating a good, sizable frame for a wall panel. What interior design project isn’t complete without a few panels? A bit of prior planning will serve you well here, decide on how large you going to create the frame and faintly draw out the panel on the wall. Make sure it’s straight, nobody wants wonky panels.

Once you’ve got your panel mapped out, heat up your trim, roll out and cut the correct sized lengths. A good tip to fooling people into thinking this is a high-end interior design commission – rather than a fun Sunday afternoon project – is to plot out and create angled cuts to mitre your corners together.

Nobody’s perfect, and you may be left with some gaps in the corner, don’t worry though, WoodUbend has some play in it when warm and can be stretched. If you can’t stretch the trim to bring the two corner ends together, then it’s nothing a little filler like Dixie Mud won’t hide.

As you can see in the image below, the gap where the trim was cut is just about visible under the Dixie mud, once dried and painted though it’ll be invisible. Before you know it, you’ll be fooling all your friends into thinking you’ve had an interior design company around.

The frame of a wall panel created during an interior design project, the corner is filled with Dixie Mud

Remember, with WoodUbend, you need to be covering the back of the moulding or the surface you’re adhering to with a good quality, flexible wood glue.

Once the frame has stuck properly, it’s best to leave it a little, then the world is your oyster! Want to create a distressed raised stencil look? Go right ahead! Want to use loads of WoodUbend in the middle, what’s stopping you? Want to bling it up with Posh Chalk? Go for it. Perhaps, you might want to do all three, like we did?

Frontal view of a wall panel created with WoodUbend and Dixie Belle. Mouldings have been stuck over raised stencilling in the centre and dry brushed with gold Mousse.

No Messing Dado Rail

Dado rails have really stood the test of time when it comes to interior design, that doesn’t mean they should be overlooked though. Why mess around with super precise measuring and large cumbersome dado rails when you can do it far more easily with WoodUbend.

There are plenty of wide trims available which will have you looking like an interior design maestro in no time! The best part about this easy project is how much time and effort you can save, a few trims will do a whole room – you can store these in a drawer until you’re ready to use them!

Like creating the frame of a panel,  a bit of prep work will make your life a whole lot easier. Draw a straight line where you would like your dado rail to be, if you have a spirit level – great stuff. If you can’t get hold of a spirit level, simply measure the distance from the floor to where you would like your rail to be and put a mark every few inches; the marks act as a guide to keep your trim straight.

Again, heat up your trim with a heat gun, hair dryer or griddle and get to work.

It’s a good idea to keep your trim coiled up when working with it, this helps it retain the heat and keeps it all neat and tidy – just keep uncoiling it as you go. Make sure you’re heating the moulding when pressing it on the wall too, this will make sure it adheres properly.

Now there will likely come a point where your trim will run out halfway around your wall; this isn’t an issue. Grab your next warm roll, match up where the pattern continues, slice the new roll to match up with the pattern on your wall and you’re away again. As long as you squeeze the two ends together, once it’s painted you won’t be able to see the join.

Joining the two ends of a trim together when creating a dadro rail as part of a interior design project. The trim is unpainted and there is blue tape underneath to protect the wall.

Many interior design projects have incredibly neat lines, and everything is precisely as it should be, this can cause a problem for messy painters. Sure, you could tape up the wall and hope that there’s no bleeding underneath when you’re painting your brand new dado rail.


If you’re using a flexible paint, something that will bend with the moulding, then you can prepaint your WoodUbend before heating and bending. A prepainted dado rail which you could have up in no time at all – a real interior design hack.

WoodUbend trim coiled up and painted before being used as a dado rail

A Controversial Interior Design Project – Wall Stencilling

Like it or love it, wall stencilling is back; a few years ago we went through a spate in the interior design world of wall stencilling. Well, it’s back on trend and we couldn’t be happier. Although the days of having Live, Love, Laugh stencilled on your wall may have gone, stencilling is just as popular as ever.

Do you know what’s perfect for wall stencilling? Well, Posh Chalk Stencils, yes, but also Posh Chalk Metallic Pastes! There are over 30 different designs of Posh Chalk Stencils, some of them are extra large and created with interior design in mind! Using some low tack tape or some mount spray, the stencil can be easily adhered to the wall and then you’re good to go.

If you’re planning on using them in conjunction with the pastes, make sure you have something like a palette knife or a silicone squeegee. Spread it on relatively liberally and smooth over any lines you get when spreading the paste. Whip the stencil off and hey presto! Raised stencilling on your wall in no time at all.

The Posh Chalk stencils are thicker than many others on the market, this means that they are perfect for raised stencilling, but more importantly – they’re durable! This is important if you’re going to be using them for a large room. Ideally, you want to wash your stencil after each use, so you’re going to need something which can stand up the rigours of heavy use.

If you’re using a repeating pattern, all you have to do is wash off your stencil, line it up and stencil until your heart’s content.

Once you’re ready to go again, it’s important to ensure that the stencil is dry, a wet stencil could cause bleeding, not the sharp interior design friendly lines we’re aiming for.

A finished interior design accent wall with silver raised stencilling between two woodubend trims acting as dado rails. Three panels on the bottom have been painted over in a dark grey, giving way to a lighter grey at the top, seperated by white woodubend trim

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