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Learning how to fix a broken moulding could save your bank account some damage. Let’s set the scene, your project is taking shape, perhaps you’re adding the last few bit and, oh no! Disaster! The WoodUbend moulding you were ready to put on has broken! Yes, you could check design you were using, find a retailer and buy another one. Why waste that hard earned cash when a quick, simple and easy fix is at hand?

Read on to save yourself some money.

Fix a Broken Moulding that has Snapped in Two

It looks like you’re seriously in trouble, surely there’s no rescuing this! Keep it aside for another project, or just cut your losses and throw it away right?


The truth is, it’s really simple to fix WoodUbend mouldings and the results look great. In fact, you won’t even be able to tell where the join is. Heat is your friend here, ensure that both sides of the moulding is well heated – especially the bigger designs – this is pivotal in ensuring a good fix.

So your WoodUbend moulding is warm and pliable, next, liberally apply the glue. Remember, a good quality wood glue is needed here, something the will flex with the heat bendable moulding. Often a good indicator of a good quality wood glue is its colour, it should be creamy. As the moulding is warm, when the glue is applied some of it will be absorbed, this is to be expected.

Next you want to join the pieces back together and reheat, this will help the broken ends adhere to each other. Make sure that you’re holding them in place, you should feel the mouldings actually pushing into each other. Once it’s sufficiently in place, sand where the break was and it will be almost invisible, when painted – or repainted – the join will be seamless. Leave the moulding until cool, but preferably 24 hours hours for the bigger ones and your WoodUbend moulding will be as good as new.


Fix a Broken Moulding When a Piece is Missing

If your moulding has broken and there is a piece missing i.e there will be a gap when you try to glue the ends together, don’t fret, help is at hand!

You may even have begun to glue the broken ends together and noticed a gap in the join. This technique will get you back creating amazing projects in no time.

Again, heat is your ally, ensure the WoodUbend moulding is warm and flexible, now you’re going to need something with which to bridge the gap. I often find that Dixie Mud is fantastic in these scenarios, use a spatula, knife, or even your finger if you’re hands on, and fill the gap left by the missing piece. Back to the heat again to dry the mud off, once dried it can be sanded and shaped to fit your moulding – substituting the missing bit. Et voila, good as new. There you go, two quick and easy ways to fix a broken moulding.