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The variety of WoodUbend and Posh Chalk Products make this week’s project a winner. Our upcycled Blanket Box is a great way to add creativity and colour to your home. We used different types of products in this project so we have created something truly one-of-a kind!

Visible cracks on the blanket box from the crackle gel

Take a Crack at Crackle

The first step of our furniture flip requires coating the blanket box in La Magic’s Crackle. It is always best to let crackle air dry, which can take around 2-3 hours. Once the crackle is dry, it’s time to apply a layer of paint!

If you are wanting to achieve a lot of thin cracks then you should apply a thinner layer of paint. It would like fewer, wider cracks then it is recommended to apply a thicker layer of paint.  It’s a great idea to choose a paint colour that contrasts the previous paint layer. This way the cracks will be more visible.

applying the decoupage to the blanket box

Decoupage Delight

We chose the paint colour ‘Delice’ as it is a bright colour, and a perfect base to apply decoupage. The Posh Chalk Decoupage paper is slightly transparent so the cracks are visible throughout the decoupage design.

The Posh Chalk deluxe decoupage papers are available in A1 and A3 sizes. We chose the A3 size ‘Floral Palette’ decoupage for our blanket box as we loved the vibrant, warming colours. Posh Chalk offers a range of fabulous decoupage designs ranging from patterns to painted landscapes!

Click to see the Posh Chalk Deluxe Decoupage range.

You can cut the decoupage paper with a craft knife, scissors, or for a more organic look why not try using a wet paintbrush and tear your paper for a rougher look – this technique is great for blending!

We always use our Posh Chalk smooth and blend brush to brush away all the unwanted creases. For the best results, start by applying your decoupage paper from the middle and brushing outwards.

woodubend trim is applied

Trim up your Blanket Box

It’s time for some trim! It wouldn’t be a Posh Chalk Interiors furniture upcycle without a bit of WoodUbend! We chose the design TR702 for its stunning, continuous detail throughout the whole 2.15m trim.

We used the five simple steps to apply the heat bendable trim to the front of the blanket box.

  1. Heat your WoodUbend Trim with your chosen heating appliance (heat gun, hair dryer or electric griddle).
  2. Apply good quality wood glue to the entire back of the WoodUbend trim OR to your designated substrate.
  3. Adhere the WoodUbend trim to your chosen surface (WoodUbend can be applied to almost any surface!).
  4. Reheat the WoodUbend trim until it becomes soft.
  5. Give the trim an extra push to ensure all the parts have completely adhered to your chosen surface.

As all of the WoodUbend mouldings and trims have the same properties as wood, this means that once the trim is warm you can cut it. Simply use a craft knife and your WoodUbend trim will cut like butter!

x1001 moulding adhered to the surface

WoodUbend Appliques

For the side of the project, we chose a rather impressive design to add more character to the blanket box. Like all of our bendable mouldings, we follow the five simple steps and apply the two appliques to each side of the blanket box.

Most of our 3rd generation mouldings, such as X1001 are available to purchase in pairs. This makes upcycling projects with a symmetrical design much easier.

posh chalk pigments are applied to the trim

Trash to Treasure Box

Nothing quite says treasure like the Posh Chalk pigments! The Posh Chalk pigments start off in a powdered form. Once the Posh Chalk pigments are mixed with the Posh Chalk pigment infusor, liquid gold starts to appear in front of your eyes. It truly is spectacular to watch!

Once you have achieved the paint-like consistency with the pigments, they are ready to glide onto your project. For the blanket box, we chose the ‘Byzantine Gold’ colour as it is bold yet classy.

Click here to see our range of Posh Chalk Pigments. 

PPPPsssst… The Posh Chalk pigment infusor is a great product to have in your craft box as it has multiple uses! The Posh Chalk infusor can be used to apply decoupage paper, mix the Posh Chalk pigments and also seal projects!

liquid wax is coated onto the surface

La Magic Touch

We love giving our projects a bit of the La Magic touch – and you should too!

We used the Noyer Clair liquid wax by La Magic to cover the entire surface. After wiping back the wax with a cloth, a gorgeous weathered look was revealed. Noyer Clair paired with the Posh Chalk ‘Brown’ Patina is a great way to create such a sense of depth.

posh chalk patina is used to create shadows and dimension

Finishing Touches

We wanted to add a bit of Posh Chalk for our finishing touches. The Posh Chalk Patinas are an oil-based gilding wax that is great for adding shadows. We applied the Posh Chalk ‘Brown’ Patina using a small brush and wiped back the excess with a baby wipe. We advise leaving the patinas to cure for around 3-4 days depending on room temperature.

If you are more of a visual learner, why not check out our WoodUbend YouTube channel. You can watch the creation of our floral blanket box from start to finish by clicking here. 

the finished blanket box

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