Vintage tea trolly

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Furniture art is easy with Posh Chalk and WoodUbend. Follow along as we change this old vintage tea trolley with drop leaf sides into a piece of furniture art using Posh Chalk Deluxe Decoupage papers and products and some WoodUbend mouldings. Saving furniture from landfills is part of the reason we love what we do here at WoodUbend HQ

Vintage Tea Trolly

As with all our furniture makeovers, we make sure the piece is clean and use sugar soap or a mild soap solution to clean off any dirt and grime. We sanded this tea trolly after cleaning to create the perfect base for the paint and paper to adhere to. After that, we painted the surface white so that the colours in the Deluxe Decoupage paper really pop. You can apply them straight to the surface with no problem, we just find that the colours on the papers really look great when applied to white or light background colour. For this vintage tea trolly, we used Dixie Belle chalk paint for the base. You can use any light or white colour you have on hand. You could be adventurous and try them on different coloured backgrounds for different effects.

Glue your WoodUbend Mouldings

We recommend using proper wood glue like Tite bond or similar. Regular PVA and other types of glue won’t work effectively on our WoodUbend mouldings. For the best results always use real wood glue. For this project, the next step was adding our mouldings and we choose WUB 1644 to the legs of the table for a little extra detail and WUB X1017.11 to the middle of the drawer. This just adds another dimension and some points of interest on this otherwise quite plain vintage tea trolly.


To apply the WoodUbend we have 5 steps you can follow to get the best results every time!

  1. Heat the moulding: using a heat gun, hair dryer or electric griddle.
  2. Apply glue to the surface or back of the moulding
  3. Stick the moulding into place
  4. Re-heat the moulding whilst in place
  5. Press the moulding tight to the surface to ensure complete adhesion


Applying the Deluxe Decoupage paper

Our next step in this furniture art tea trolly was applying the decoupage paper. We choose was Street at Sunset a vibrant design that we love! As we wanted to blend the colours from the paper onto the rest of the trolly we used the wet paintbrush technique to create a frayed edge to make it easy to blend. Using a frayed uneven edge rather than the straight edge makes it easier to hide the edges of the paper. We used Posh Chalk Infusor as our ‘glue’ and applied the paper into position. With our Deluxe papers, you can reposition if needed without them tearing.

When applying the decoupage paper we recommend you start in the middle and work your way out to the edges. This helps eliminate unwanted texture and air bubbles. We use a clean brush to push the paper into the coat of Infusor. Once you have your paper in position it’s time to seal in your hard work. We use another coat of the Posh Chalk Infusor for this. It seals it and helps it consolidate into the surface giving you a hardwearing surface.

We designed our Infusor as a multi use product. You can use it to adhere our Deluxe Decoupage papers to your surface. It is the best medium to use with our Posh Chalk Metallic pigments giving you the best metallic brilliance. It is also the best topcoat to use for all your projects. It is tough and hardwearing and you can be sure your project will last.

Blending Posh Chalk metallic pastes

The next step in this vintage tea trolly makeover is blending. This is the fun part as you get to be as creative as you want. You can use multiple colours or just one the choice is yours! We used, Green Fhtallo, Blue Fhtallo, Yellow Cadmium, White Titanium, and Red Medium cadmium. Did you know that our papers are designed to match our Posh Chalk Metallics colour palette! So blending is simple and easy to do. Just look at the colour match on this project! Perfect.

Next up was adding some WoodUbend Trim TR720 to the bottom tray of the vintage tea trolly and applying them the same way as the mouldings.

We followed this by giving the entire vintage tea trolly a good couple of coats of White Titanium Posh Chalk Metallic Paste and blended it all over. It needed some vintage charm so we added Le Magic wax to give it some character and age. A little finishing touch of Black Carbon Metallic pastes on the wheel to give them a fresh look. If you love quick video makeovers you should check out the TikTok account, we have so many wonderful tips and tricks over there for you to enjoy. See more amazing makeovers on our TikTok account here.

Furniture Art with Posh Chalk and WoodUbend

Of course, no project would be complete without a little shine and sparkle, so we added a little touch of Posh Chalk Silver Pigments mixed with Infusor. We highlighted the mouldings and the crease of the dropleaf … because why not! There you have it! a beautiful piece of furniture art. This Vintage tea trolly was on its way to the landfill, so not only have we saved it but made a beautiful statement piece that will last for many more years to come.

We have the full makeover over on our YouTube channel for you to enjoy

Did you know we have over 100 furniture and craft makeovers on our YouTube channel? So if you want to be inspired for you next project thats the place to go. Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know what you think about our furniture art vintage tea trolly makeover. Would you try it?

   SollyJo WoodUBend