Who are Sarah Parmenter and Solly-Jo Moore?

Who are Sarah Parmenter and Solly-Jo Moore?

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Introducing Sarah Parmenter and Solly-Jo Moore

In December, we are running a Christmas-themed weekend event which will teach you all you need to know to make some amazing, unique and personal Christmas gifts on a budget.

The workshop is being run by two industry celebrities – Sarah Parmenter and our very own Solly-Jo Moore.

So, who are Sarah Parmenter and Solly-Jo Moore?

Who is Sarah Parmenter?

During her successful 20 year career in fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR, ReLovedMCR founder, Sarah Parmenter, has worked with a host of prestigious creative brands, including MAC cosmetics, celebrity hairdresser Nicky Clarke, Anna Sui, Selfridges, The Clothes Show Live and Pearl Lowe.

Whilst juggling PR roles in London and Manchester, Sarah developed a life-long passion for interiors and vintage furniture.  What started as an obsessional hobby has naturally and organically flourished into a small cottage industry, with commissions for artfully salvaged and one-off pieces now an integral part of the business.

Design with a maximal flourish!

Sarah’s work has been featured in The Observer Magazine, The Sunday Times, Metro newspaper, Reclaimed magazine and Real Homes magazine. She is also growing her business rapidly thanks to a fast-growing Instagram following….you can follow her http://@relovedmcr

ReLovedMCR is a simple expression of Sarah’s unique style and passion for the aesthetic. Drawn to vintage pieces which, to the untrained eye, are ugly, dated, unusable and frankly un-loveable, Sarah has the vision to transform them into covetable, glamorous, utterly stylish pieces.

Each piece is stripped back, hand-painted and often decoupaged, using beautiful designer wallpapers, fabrics and unusual prints.

Signature Sarah Parmenter style

Designed to be both beautiful and functional, bold statement pieces are always in evidence, however Sarah’s style is ultimately about “wear-ability.” Designs are timeless and easy to style into most people’s homes, be it a new-build needing an eclectic soul injection, or a period home.

Sarah was featured in a recent episode of the BBC’s popular ‘Money for Nothing’ show which you can catch on iPlayer here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001c9sn

Who is Solly-Jo Moore?

Solly-Jo is the brains and energy behind two successful brands – WoodUbend and Posh Chalk.

Artwork with WoodUbend and Posh Chalk
Getting creative with WoodUbend and Posh Chalk

Solly has had a number of careers in her lifetime, but her love for creativity has always been there. It was fired by her time living in Greece, where the local artistry, beautiful buildings, stunning scenery and amazing natural light made for a burgeoning interest in art. During the 30 some years she lived there, Solly was always involved in painting, decorating, fine arts, fashion design and reconditioning furnishings.

Ladies boots with WoodUbend
You can use WoodUbend on anything!

On returning to the UK Solly took up furniture painting in earnest.  It all started in her garden, then creeped into the hallway, and soon her lounge was full of the stuff!

Customers began asking for pieces with embellishments on their commissions. Paperclay and resins just didn’t do it and would often drop off, so after a long two years of product development the 1st generation of WoodUbend was born and taken to market. The product launch was on the 21st January 2019 and has since become an amazing success. There is now an international network of distributors and stockists, with hundreds of thousands of pieces being used right around the world.

SollyJo launched the Posh Chalk brand soon after as a perfect accompaniment to WoodUbend. The Posh Chalk range now consists of pastes, patinas, pigments, decoupage, stencils and brushes.

Solly Jo has become a social media hit, with tens of thousands following her and taking inspiration from her amazing projects. In the forthcoming ‘Thrifted and Gifted’ workshop, Solly is looking forward to sharing her ideas and enabling attendees to come up with their own wonderful creations!

About Thrifted and Gifted

Sat 9 December:  11am – 4pm £95.00
Posh Christmas Crockery Extravaganza

Choose from a variety of thrifted home accessories and learn how to glamorise them using Posh Chalk products and WoodUbend mouldings. Or bring your own vase/table lamp/crockery to transform on the day.

Sunday 10 December: 11am – 4pm £95.00
Posh Book Jackets

Pimped up books!  Take a big old chunky charity shop book and create a modern masterpiece! Using raised stencilling, mouldings and decoupage techniques, you’ll walk away with a personalised piece of art!

What’s included on both days:

All paints and materials

Festive refreshments

Take your creations away

Opportunity to buy Posh Chalk & WoodUbend products at an exclusive discount

Free parking on site

Numbers are going to be strictly limited, so book early in order to avoid disappointment. You can book your place by clicking onto this page