WUB1186 on WoodUbend Fairy Stool

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WoodUbend recently featured in Seattle real estate agents Redfin’s blog, How To Style Mismatched Bedroom Furniture to Create a Room That’s Uniquely Yours.

“Creating a bedroom sanctuary doesn’t have to be expensive or require matching furniture sets. Make use of what you have and up-cycle your furniture or check out your local thrift store for budget-friendly furniture styles. There’s no right way to style your bedroom, and if you find yourself with mismatched furniture, we’re here to help make it work” says Redfin.

At WoodUbend, we agree.

Thrifting old furniture is a great, sustainable way to furnish your home. All the projects we complete in our WoodUbend studio come from charity shops, auctions, or similar places. Old furniture is usually made from great quality materials. Most imperfections can be sanded out, and loose joints can easily be fixed with a good quality wood glue.

Use WoodUbend to manipulate the shape of the furniture

When cool, WoodUbend has the strength of normal wood. Pediments, drops and centrepieces can be placed onto the furniture to change the shape of the piece. For example, adding a centrepiece to a boring, flat side, can transform it completely.

For our WoodUbend Mermaid Cabinet, we added WUB1372.48 to the doors of the piece to raise the flat doors of the tired, old surface. We also added WoodUbend corner pieces  WUB2160 to the sides of the cabinet to further increase the depth of the piece. This changed the cabinet from a boring, square storage solution into a dreamy statement piece.

The WoodUbend Mermaid Cabinet with Posh Chalk Metallic Pigment.


We also applied the WUB1372.48 to the top of this vintage style piece. To apply this moulding, we used small wooden pegs inserted into the WoodUbend whilst warmed up, and then hammered it into predrilled holes once it was cool. The pegs keep the WoodUbend in place.


The Vintage Crackle Cabinet with WoodUbend applique applied to the top.


Use WoodUbend to add matching elements to furniture

WoodUbend is now in its 3rd generation. The 3rd Generation WoodUbend are our strongest and most flexible generation yet. The revolutionary designs are crisper and more detailed, and the footprint of the mouldings has been designed for better adhesion to surfaces with less glue expulsion in hard-to-reach areas. Also, due to its incomparable density, it holds its heat for longer. This gives the user more opportunity to position it before it cools.

They also come packaged as pairs!

This means you can add symmetry to your pieces to help create a consistent style throughout your room. Take for instance the WUB1186. We applied these angels to the legs of a stool. They help to centre the piece and bring it together. WoodUbend mouldings look like authentic carvings once painted and blended into your piece, making them great at incorporating mismatched furniture together!


The WoodUbend Fairy Table featuring WUB1186


Use WoodUbend to set a style in your room

We have hundreds of WoodUbend designs, with more being released all the time. So, we cover a huge range of styles! From Neoclassical designs created by Jonathon Marc Mendes, such as the WUB6047, to steampunk cogs and more!


WUB6047. A great Neoclassical centrepiece.
WUB0056, a selection of steampunk cogs.

Applying WoodUbend of a similar style across the furniture in your room will help to tie the space together.

WoodUbend can be applied to any surface, flat or curved, including glass, stone and more! This means you can place WoodUbend on smaller items in your room such as jars, jewellery boxes, mirrors, and photo frames to bring consistency into your space.

A great example of unifying furniture together using a similar style is shown in our WoodUbend French Country Chic Drawers. Despite the alternating colours and contrasting Posh Chalk Stencils, these drawers match together perfectly. Each drawer is completely unique. However, we used WoodUbend trims that were the same size and from a similar style. Take for instance the TR124 and TR720. These trims both feature a swirling motif, so fit together beautifully. You can read more about how we created this piece here. You can also watch a satisfying stencil reveal from the drawers on our YouTube channel here!


Remember:  WoodUbend is incredibly user friendly and aims to make crafting and upcycling accessible to everyone! There are 5 simple steps of application to use every time:


Step 1: Heat your moulding use a heat gun, hair dryer, or griddle. When heated, the moulding will bend!

Step 2: Apply a good quality wood glue to the footprint of the moulding. Spread the glue over the entire surface using a paint brush or your finger.

Step 3: Press the moulding onto your desired surface. Wipe away any excess glue with water, a baby wipe, or a Q-tip.

Step 4: Reheat the moulding using a heat gun or a hair dryer.

Step 5: Press the moulding again. You want to see glue being expelled from under the moulding. This is a sign of good adhesion to the surface. Again, you can wipe away excess glue.


Redfin’s article also suggests that you can:

  • Make two lists of what you have and what you need to begin searching for new pieces and styling your existing furniture.
  • Chose a focal point and build from its design. This could be a feature such as the knobs or the colour of the stain. Purchasing furniture with a similar element will help tie the pieces together.
  • Use neutral décor to unify mismatched furniture
  • Mix and match shapes and sizes. Different sized furniture will work well together if they are the same material and style!
  • Add accent pieces in pairs. Any bold pieces look intentional if you place a similar item in the room. For example, placing a cushion on your bed that is the same colour as the fabric of a statement chair will help to incorporate the chair into the room.


Following this WoodUbend guide and the advice from Redfin, you can easily and professionally redecorate your room using mismatched and pre-loved furniture. We love the potential of mismatched furniture. With old furniture you have endless possibilities to redesign it and make it match your home. With mismatched furniture, your creativity can be limitless!


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