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WoodUbend tool companion guide


Hi guys:


I am a firm believer that life is more fun with a companion. Someone who complements you, inspires you, or even challenges you to try new approaches and to find inventive solutions.

I enjoy working on projects with Theo and connecting with WoodUbend ambassadors, stockists, and bendy friends around the world for collaborations and inspiration. Yes, we all need a good companion in our journey. After all, how many cases could Sherlock Holmes solve without Watson by his side?

I am enormously proud of how versatile and innovative WoodUbend mouldings are. However, I must admit they can only reach their full potential when working together with a trusted work mate. Today, I want to share with you a tool companion guide so you can learn about the tools  I always keep within reach when working with WoodUbend mouldings.

Heating tool: WoodUbend mouldings’ superpower is becoming malleable when exposed to direct heat. They become bendy and adapt to the shape of the surface you want to adhere them to.

I love using a heat gun to heat the mouldings because of how easy is to move the gun around the piece I am working on, especially when the mouldings have been adhered to the surface of the piece. But for projects that call for many pieces of mouldings, such as my French Chateau themed mirror, I break out my griddle and warm up many pieces at the same time.

You do not have to invest in buying a heat gun or griddle if you do not own one. You can also heat up the moulding using a hair dryer.



Specific wood glue: Please resist the temptation to use all-purpose glue. They promise a lot by telling you that they can even paste rock, but they will not deliver the results you need when working with WoodUbend mouldings. Our mouldings have all the properties of wood and can be treated as wood. Therefore, always use specific wood glue, the kind designed for wood and wood only.

 Paint, stains, and waxes:  Personalized your WoodUbend mouldings with your favorite paint, stains and waxes, just like you would do with real wood.



Cutting tools: When warm, WoodUbend mouldings can be easily cut without any expensive or specialized cutting tool. I use a Stanley knife, but any knife or scissors will do the trick. You can even use crafting scissors for those kid-friendly projects.



Drill: Use a drill for those projects when you need a very strong hold, or you need to run a screw through the mouldings like when you are creating a coat rack, or would like to add the moulding behind the furniture hardware.


It is worth highlighting that none of these tool I have mentioned in this tool companion guide are terribly expensive or hard to find and use. In fact, I am confident you already possess many of them. So do not let the thought of not having what you need deter you from starting a project with WoodUbend. Let our mouldings become the perfect companions of all your renovation and crafting projects. I am confident you will always want to keep them by your side.


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Happy WoodUbending!


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